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Character development

Film trailers are designed to introduce the viewer to central characters and key relationships. In a short space of time, they can convey a range of information through the images and sounds used, as well as the pace of the editing – the movement between different types of shot.

Watch the trailer once all the way through and spend a few moments thinking about what you have seen and heard. Then answer the questions below. Use the character development chart below to help you organise your ideas as you watch:

Character development chart (PDF)

  1. Watch the first 35 seconds of the trailer, then pause the video player.
    • What do you discover about the relationships between the characters from what you have just seen?
    • What about the mood and atmosphere of their adventure?
    • How would you describe the genre of these first 35 seconds and who do you think it is aimed at?
  2. Now watch the whole trailer once more.
    • How do the characters and their relationships change and how is this change communicated to the audience?
    • What observations can you make about the roles and development of the male and female characters?

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Trailer Transcript

How about a trip before we go back to school?

We'll get a bunch of us together and go further up the river than we've been before.

- You can see Cobbler's Bay from here.

- What is this, make-up?

- Do you even know where we're going?

- There's a clearing up ahead.

(Text) A place for freedom

(Music) All I knew is upside down

(Music) I found my feet but lost my ground

(Text) A time for friendship

(Music) But all I've done is just begun

(Text) And it was all

It's so beautiful out here.

Let's do this again, back here in the same place.

The same people.

(Text) About to change

Mama! Papa!


There's no dial tone.

What is going on?

(Text) From the best selling novel by John Marsden

(radio) Occupying forces have now taken several major coastal cities.

Any idea whose army it is?

It doesn't matter. They're here. We've got to deal with it.

(Text) Freedom becomes survival

I don't know about you, but I'm no good at doing nothing.

People are dying out there.

Everything's a risk from now on.

(Text) Friends become warriors

We know this country better than they do. We can use that to our advantage.

We can go out there using hit-and-run tactics.

We have to start acting like soldiers.

I can't tell if what I did was right or wrong.

In the end, I think we have to trust our instincts.

- What do your instincts tell you?

- That it's time to go to war.

We've hit them. Hit them hard.

They're going to come after us now with everything they've got.

We've got to fight back.

If anything happens... run.

For us, this war begins tomorrow.

(Text) Tomorrow When the War Began