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Creation on screen


CREATION is the untold true story of the life of Charles Darwin, and the single most explosive idea in history.

Paul Bettany stars as a young Darwin, writing On the Origin of Species. His theory would turn the world upside down, and challenge the love of his deeply religious wife. His beliefs remain controversial even today.

CREATION is produced in consultation with Darwin's great-great-grandson, Randal Keynes OBE.

In cinemas September 25, 2009

Exploring the film

In this clip from the film, Charles recounts some of his observations from his time onboard the survey ship The Beagle, which leads to a discussion with Reverend Innes about science and God's purpose. In this scene, Darwin voices his private thoughts about the struggle for life and his difficulty in believing in a divine creator. The Reverend, a man of the church, responds by suggesting that we cannot know God's plan whilst Charles' wife, Emma, tries to keep the peace.

1) How would you describe the images, and the atmosphere of the scene, as Darwin remembers what he saw on his travels?

2) In Darwin's time marriage between first cousins was very common, especially among the more wealthy members of society. Today, there are mixed views on this practice: in some of the United States it is illegal to marry a first cousin, though it remains popular in many cultures, and is legal under UK law. What do you think are the reasons behind the view that cousin marriage is problematic?

3) In this clip Charles refers to the theories of Thomas Malthus whose writings influenced Darwin's work.
a) How is Thomas Malthus' theory explained here?
b) What is Reverend Innes' response to this point?

4) Two views of the natural worlds are expressed at the end of the clip:
'Nature is at peace' and  'All of nature is a battlefield'.
Think of five examples of your own to support each of these points of view, then compare your suggestions with the rest of the class

Transcript of clip