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School Survival Blog

A big thank you to all the teachers and students who sent us their blog entries!

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‘If you want to be cool, drink energy juice.’

Liam Low, 11

Don’t stand beside a bush, a wall or the smoker’s area. When staying over at someone’s house don’t watch cartoons. Don’t get your mum to say I love you or tie your tie in front of your mates. Don’t get your sister to stick up for you – you’ll never live it down. Don’t grass on people – you will get a bad reputation. If you want to be cool, drink energy juice, go on joke websites and get some funny jokes, everyone will think you’re hilarious. Don’t skip – ever.

‘Don’t go around with a diary in your hand.’

Jonathon Bastow, 12

Hi I am Jonathon and I am going to give you some advice about going to High School.

  1. go out for lunch and don’t stay inside all of the time.
  2. Don’t get penned.
  3. Don’t wear your tie too far up as you might get mistaken for a geek.
  4. Don’t stand too close to a bush, that’s what I did and I got shoved by four older boys.
  5. Don’t go around with a diary in your hand.

‘Don’t pass wind in class.’

Morgan Smith, 12

Hi, my name is Morgan and I’m 12 years old. I started High School 8 days ago and am still standing without being bushed or pushed down a hill. Now I’m going to give you some advice on what to do and what not to do in High School.

  • Don’t answer all of the questions
  • Don’t stand too near a bush or hill
  • Don’t join an older crew
  • Stay in a group
  • Don’t ask out older boys/girls – not cool!
  • Don’t get soaked
  • Don’t tie your tie too tight
  • Ignore name calling
  • Don’t pass wind in class
  • Don’t approach random people and tell them they’re tall (this happened to someone and they ended up hanging upside down!)

I hope you survive!

‘Don’t sit at the front of the class.’

Georgia Kelly , 12

Here’s some advice on how to survive High School: Stay in a group so if a bully comes up to you have back up to help Quite a lot of the older kids bush you at this school so the easy way around this problem is to stay away from bushes! Don’t sit at the front of the class because the rest of the class will think that you’re a dork. And lastly don’t look too smart as in don’t tuck your shirt in or tie your tie too tight.

I hope this helps!

‘No one tells you how huge secondary schools are!’

Robyn Bews, 12

I have survived almost 2 weeks at High School but I have got lost several times! No one tells you how huge secondary schools are! Now I am going to give you some awesome advice. Ready, Set, Go!

  • Don’t act hard or swagger around
  • Don’t pass wind in class
  • Drink energy juice
  • Don’t skip
  • Don’t tie your tie too tight

I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t approach tall people. One day a short boy with long hair told someone that they were tall. They told him to get a hair cut to which the short boy replied "you are ginger". Well, the older kid picked up the short, cheeky kid and hung him upside down for several minutes. LOL!

‘I’ve survived 8 whole days at High School.’

Matthew Milne, 12

Hi there, I’ve survived 8 whole days at High School and I’m going to give you some tips on survival in the jungle that is High School. Right, here we go, firstly- don’t act like a hard man. Don’t run around with light sabers – I’ve been hit with one already. Random! Don’t scream. Once a nerd hit me with his tie and ran off and fell over! Try to keep up with the latest fashions. Don’t wear man bags – not a good look. Don’t use the library too often. Don’t have a swagger. Good luck!

‘She did a belly-flop and landed face down in the sand.’

Abi W

My Story!
It was Friday! We always have P.E on a Friday, it was period 6 and as we made our way up to the sports hall, half asleep we were greeted by Mr Jones hurrying us up as we moaned and carried on strolling until we reached the changing rooms. It was boiling outside; we were told we were doing athletics! It was our first lesson doing athletics we didn’t know which event we would be doing dreading we would be told sprint (well most of us).

It was a long walk up to the top field at the other end of the school. We sat down in the shade under a tree out of the way from the blazing sun. He finally told us what we were doing it was the long jump! First we were put into groups. I was put in a group with my friend Freddie. We lined up bracing our selves for the jump ahead. Freddie was before me and she set off at a fast pace sprinting towards the sand pit. When she got to the end she took a massive leap landed and then did a belly flop and fell face down in the sand. She stood up with sand on her face. Everyone chuckled with laughter! 

‘Never believe school rumours.’

Alistair, 12

In your first year of high school it is pretty daunting. Like getting lost, getting things wrong and mostly making new friends. Actually it isn’t at all, all you need to do is get some true mates e.g. old primary mates or even new ones.

Let’s get on to the first matter, school rumours. Never, and I mean never, believe them. Some may be true but mostly they aren’t. School uniform: although I am pretty neat there are many ways not to dress e.g. no Primark, Tesco, Morrison’s and Asda. Wear your shirt hanging out, tie loose and a jacket.

To be cool isn’t exactly my best advice as I myself am still trying to get there, so what I’ve learnt is to try and be seen with all the popular kids. There are quite a few in my school, like one of my mates Scott. Although he knows everything to know about Final Fantasy he’s the coolest out of us. There are quite a few of my mates like Dylan, the absolute randomest, Mark, Liam, Robbie, Andrew, the smartest of us and the biggest scream fan, Ross.

On to the teachers, some may be very nice but many aren’t. I don’t like my H.E. teacher. There are also many great subjects like, well you should know them.

There are many school productions to take part in, team activities and stuff like that.

My First Year
In my first year of secondary school it was pretty daunting. I got lost, forgot where everything was and lost a few of my mates. After about two weeks at my school a mate helped me to remember and keep track of what I had. This person’s name was my new best mate Andrew. Soon after I made a new friend who was a senior also called Andrew. We were best mates too, unfortunately he left at the summer. My best funniest moment was when I ran down the hill our school is on. It was wet and I ran full speed down, tried to slow down and slipped right on my butt. Everyone was laughing, though I was laughing too.

There have been many funny things to happen to me, like one lunchtime I was chasing one of my mates. We ran down a rocky bit. He was fine but I decked it on the rock face first onto the ground.

Funny things happen to the teachers too not just us. My English teacher was teaching a 3rd year class, went to sit down and the chair slipped away and she disappeared.  Then another day, she was trying to open her door with a cup of coffee in her hand when someone nudged her by accident and it went all over a first year pupil with a white jacket on. Lucky it was cold coffee although not too lucky for the girl whose nose it was dripping from…

‘No myths, no legends and definitely no rumours: the truth about first year!’

Amy, 12

No myths, no legends and definitely no rumours: the truth about first year!
First of all, I want to make one thing very clear, no matter what you hear from your mates or older brothers or sisters, you are most definitely not going to get your head flushed down a toilet. So you don’t have to worry about that.
My first day at school was a nightmare! Not because of the people in the school or the teachers or the new classes that I had. It was simply because of how I started the day. I tripped over a stone and fell, everyone was staring at me and I was sure that I heard a few sniggers from some people! It was horrible, so here is some advice to guide you on your way to not making a fool of yourself like I did. If you are wearing shoes with laces, then make sure that they are tied tightly and have no chance of coming out. Also, if you are walking up a steep hill or a brae like me then stay clear of any big stones! When I first got my new timetable I was so excited to get into my new classes and meet my new teachers. But just my luck, in my first class I went in and just sat down anywhere, plunked my bag on the floor and flung my coat on the back of my chair. A bunch of other people walked in and I quickly scanned them to see what type of people would be in my class this year. Everyone sat down then the teacher said, “Now class, I hope you like where you are sitting because those are the seats you will be in for the rest of the year”. And lucky me, I was sitting right at the front. So here’s tip Number 2:- When you are in a class for the first time don’t just sit anywhere because it is more than likely that that is going to be your seat for the rest of the year!

In most of my classes I sat beside my friends from primary and that’s good but it’s always good to make some new friends as well. At break I generally went about with my mates from primary as well. Here’s a very helpful tip!  In primary school you probably called the grounds of the school ‘the playground’, well in high school it’s just called ‘outside’. And trust me you do not want to call it the playground otherwise well, just don’t do it.

In the first week of school you want to be making friends not enemies so be nice to everyone and watch what you say (people take things so personally). If you do that then you will be fine. Speaking of friends and enemies, I’ve had a few in my first year. The one which was the worst was with my mate (well, let’s just call her Jean for now.) In primary we had fallen out and we hadn’t spoken since. Then when we got to high school, we said our sorrys, made up and became friends again. Then we had a major argument and that dented our friendship completely. We didn’t speak for weeks but eventually we made up. Now we are trying as hard as we can to not argue, (well it is working fine right now). She has been my best friend and my worst enemy. Sometimes both in the same week, maybe even in the same day! There were many more. Lots of fall outs, lots of arguments and lots of friendships. Now I have got my own little shortlist of real mates, not people who are mean to you one minute and nice the next, or people who fall out with you for the silliest little things. But good mates who will be there for you. However, that list always changes!
I need to mention a very important point just before is goes out of my mind and I forget. Make sure that in the first few weeks of your first year or any year that you make a good first impression with your teachers. Good impression = an open mind. Bad impression = never forgetting that when you first came into the class you were a complete nuisance.

There is one teacher in my school that will always make me laugh no matter how many times I think about it. If you were sitting in her class and, I dunno maybe you were in trouble, she would point at you this really weird way which is actually quite freaky! It’s like a bent finger on top of a straight finger! It looks a bit like this.....

Another thing about this teacher is so confusing; I really don’t even understand it myself. If you talk without putting your hand up, she will then say hands up. If you then put your hand up she will say either put your hand down or no questions after she had just told you to put your hand up. Does it confuse you as much as it confuses me?

The funniest thing ever that happened in first year was English. My teacher was amazed at this one girl in my class. She had a proper comb over and he was amazed at the fact that her fringe could go from one side of her head to the other. Every time we had the class he would always make a point of it.

There was also this girl in my class. She wasn’t stupid or anything like that. She just got things a bit mixed up. She would come up with the silliest things and everyone would laugh and again my teacher would make a big point of it and would make us all point and laugh at her. She took it as a joke and laughed herself (I’m so glad because if she hadn’t taken it that way, well I would not have been in her good books). Whenever she said anything like that, we would all be told to point and laugh again. And then when we told our Maths teacher he made us point and laugh at her too (but he only did it once).

Being popular at high school is something that you will want to achieve straight away. Becoming popular is an easy thing to do if you know how to do it. So let me give you a few tips:

  1. Knowing someone who is popular or becoming friends with someone who is popular will instantly make you popular.
  2. Being really good at something and showing it off (but not too much otherwise you will look as though you are bragging about it) will boost your popularity levels.
  3. Looking really great will always, without a doubt, make you popular. For example your school uniform. Always keep up with the fashion eg. Skirts and shoes. Don’t wear trousers that are too short for you (that is NEVER EVER good). And most importantly makeup and hair. Wear some makeup but not too much and always have your hair looking really pretty, never just leave it!

Those tips will definitely help you on your way to becoming popular!
Now when everybody (and I mean everybody) tells you that high school or just school in general is the best time of your life. Well listen to them because they are not talking garbage. School really is the best time of your life so treasure and make the most of it, because when it’s gone you will truly miss it (I know I will).

Now one very last tip. One of the most important, the one that you most definitely need to remember. This very last tip is to follow absolutely every piece of advice that I have given you. If you simply do that, then you are more than likely to survive first year. So all I can say now is have a great first year and..........

Good Luck!

‘Girls are always getting the blame for what the boys have done.’

Amy K, 11

Understanding Boys
Year six just isn’t fitting in to our agenda this week. First of all the teacher shouted at us, gave us three minutes off break and most of the girls didn’t do anything. Girls are always getting the blame for what the boys have done. Well, we got let off for graffiti in the boys cloakroom, and the time when all the boys had a sad face on the whiteboard when not one of the girls did. And, well, ok then we don’t always get the blame but you get what I mean, don’t you? We have just got to ignore them when they are being annoying and irritating.

Tips on how to be cool in your school
Don’t bully anyone because then people will think that you’re mean and won’t like you. Then you won’t be cool. And instead of being horrible be kind to the other cool kids, and when a person in your class is being slightly irritating just remind them that they’re being annoying. Also in the winter or when it is quite cold wear your most stylish coat to school, but if someone asks if you can ‘play a game’ with them then take your coat off as you don’t want it to get dirty. Trust me, I have had some pretty upsetting experiences.

Friends this year
A real friend is somebody who cares about you and invites you over. They never say horrible things about you or talk about you behind your back. I have had friends this year who have talked about me behind my back and one of them made fake Justin Bieber tickets (I am Justin Bieber’s number one biggest fan) and told everyone that they were fake but not to tell me. Apparently it was hilarious but I didn’t find it funny at all. Actually I didn’t talk to them for half a week, I hung out with other friends of mine, and when they asked me what was wrong I said “work it out for yourself.”

Advice for year six
When the teacher tells the whole class off, don’t interrupt because otherwise the teacher will shout at you and go on about how rude it was for ages and then send you to a lunchtime detention.
If you are a boy then sometimes the teacher will laugh at a joke that you shout out to do with your subject you are learning about, but to be honest if you have a strict teacher with a whip on her chair I wouldn’t try it. Also when you are new to the class the teacher is usually in quite a grumpy mood and also apparently it is ‘rude’ to interrupt when you’re new. I am not a boy but I do have boys in my class that have tried it and the only one in my year that could get away with it is a boy who is always shouting out like that every second of the day (almost). His name is Patrick.
If you live quite far away then you would have to get up at around seven ‘o’ clock, well I live about twenty minutes away from my school so we have to get up at quarter past seven. Once I was so tired I stayed in bed for way longer than I should have done and I got very told off by our teacher for being late. And she is not even very strict.

Funny things that have happened at school
When my class and I went on a residential trip and we had to make our beds, if you don’t already know I am terrible at making beds. But we didn’t just make the covers, we had to put the sheets on the mattress’ and the duvet covers on to the duvets. Unfortunately I was on the top of a triple bunk bed and I accidentally somehow ended up under the mattress. I had to ask one of my friends to help me but she ended up there too and finally my other friend saved us. Then the next day I did a roly-poly down a ski hill while I was trying to learn how to ski and then I finished off with the splits. Because my skis were so big I could not get back up again.

I have a school with a lot of big, sad or happy experiences.

There are no “kick me” signs placed on people’s backs’

‘There are no “kick me” signs placed on people’s backs’

Andrew, 12

The first year in secondary school can be a tough one. It can be a very hard and stressful time, but with the right ways, you will be accepted into the school.

High school isn’t what you think, you’re not bog washed every 10 seconds by older people, and there are no “kick me” signs placed on people’s backs.  So act normal, try to stay with primary school friends (if there aren’t any, try to socialize with people who look alright), that way you’ll settle in better.

In class try not to show off to your new friends, DO NOT BE A GEEK! That’ll make you a goner, try to act normal, don’t put your hand up at anything, who ever puts their hand up for answers that are very hard, they are the geeks, try to avoid them!  People who make jokes up all the time are the class clowns.
If you have an older brother or sister, you will have a better time in school (if they are really unpopular, expect the worst). Don’t go on about having a big brother who is in the older years. People will most likely be jealous and will bully you.

First Day
Your first day in school, don’t get scared or anything. It’s a lot better than primary school, trust me, just stay calm. If you are that terrified, stay with a group of your primary friends, BUT DO NOT GO WITH YOUR MUM! They will take the mick out of you so badly. When you arrive, get familiar with the school, try to find quiet places you could go at break. Maybe where no one goes. You may be shown about by senior pupils to your classes so use this time to look around the school. When you get in to class, pick a seat nearer to the back of the class, or with your mates from primary. Continue like this throughout the day. When you settle in…eventually just make new friends and act how you like.. Just not geeky.

Funny Moments
In school there will always be a funny moment that will happen anywhere, anytime, for example when the projector light blew up in English. That was funny, and when the teacher slipped off her chair when she wasn’t paying attention that was too funny….even though I wasn’t actually there. She has also spilt coffee all over her desk and swore in front of her first years. In the same class she spilt coffee on a first year. Sounds hilarious. The point is anything funny can happen anytime, anywhere. Just be prepared for anything to happen.

‘She wants to be a Goth.’

Anonymous, 11

This is my memorandum or in other words a journal. I’m going to write down all my memories throughout year 6. Firstly I will write about my friends.

Jade: she’s really funny, kind and really generous. We’re going on holiday together with Melanie.

Roxy: She wants to be a Goth and loves to scream. Currently her and Jade are in an argument  -well that’s over because they’re not friends anymore.

Melanie: She’s all the way in Brazil but she’s coming back on the 9th of July. Me and Jade my other best friend who you will find out next really miss her so to celebrate when she comes back we’re throwing a welcome back party! We’re making hand made presents for her when she comes back I’m making a box thing and jade is making a scrapbook.

‘Sarcasm, in case you didn’t realise.’

Bea and Felix, 10 and 11

We were told at school we had to write this stupid blog.
It’s not stupid it’s highly educational.
What’s so educational about writing a load of pointless stuff about year 6?
It will help the younger children to understand what its like to be one of the older children. There are lots of responsibilities that they will have to undertake when they are at the top of the school.
Cool-in-school tip 1 - don’t talk like a geek.
Whatever, now lets start to tell you how to be cool in school.
If you like Justin Bieber you are considered to be … now how should I phrase this…
A bit of a loony. Cool tip 2, Don’t like Justin Bieber.
Now, that’s not very fair people are entitled to their own opinions.
Yeah, well what would you know about being cool? Anyway, onto a different subject since we’re not really agreeing on Justin since you think people should have their own opinions. Okay, ummm, have you got anything to talk about?
How about 3 top tips to getting your homework in on time.
Without being a geek? Tip 3 : don’t bother with homework.
I‘m not a geek! anyway …….
1. Do it as soon as you get it.
2. Find a quiet place to sit and carry on……
…. Or just go to homework club and get the teachers to do it all.
But I have chess club at the same time as homework club.
What a crisis. Sarcasm, in case you didn’t realise.
3. Never accept help from your less talented class ”mates.”
Now since this is not being cool we should go onto something cool…. like nail varnish?
Nail varnish? Wait! You’re not allowed to wear nail varnish at school.
Because it’s breaking the school rules like not running in the corridors
Breaking the rules is cool, not that you would understand.
I have An IQ of 179, I think I’d understand!
You would understand if it was equations, but this is coolness we are talking about.
Who says I’m not cool?
Urrrrr …. Me!
None of my friends say I’m not cool!
You don’t have any friends.
At least I wear a regulation length skirt - just below the knee!
Well I like my skirt 14cm long!
And I tuck my shirt in!
And have the correct coloured tie.
Blue and black stripes! How unfashionable!
Well you wear a pink and black spotty tie, and you say I’m unfashionable! You look like you fell out of that schooly movie.
That would be St. Trinians, derrrr. Cool-in-school tip 4: Know all the cool movies, but not  in a geekish way.
To summarize, I’m not cool.
Here’s a message for all you future year sixes - If you want to be cool be like me! See Yaa

‘She did a belly-flop and landed face down in the sand.’

Bex B

It was Monday. Monday was the worst day of the week, always. If ever there was a day to be ill it would be on Monday. It’s always the worst because it follows Sunday and on Sunday you are so relaxed that it’s a massive shock to you when Monday hits. And maybe the Sunday before I was a little too relaxed, everyone knows that the boys in the popular gang have six-packs and that’s how they get so popular, not because they’re kind or funny but because they’re good looking. Anyway, me and some friends were messing about and after a few hours of ‘hanging out’ and maybe more than a few cans of red bull I found myself doing impressions of the popular gang with a biro six-pack. As usual I had got so carried away that I completely forgot that I was meant to be back home three hours ago and I hadn’t completely forgot that my phone was turned off so I never received the twelve missed calls from my mum that I didn’t have the time to have a shower. The next day (the dreaded Monday) was P.E. and in the changing rooms I was hiding in the corner trying to get changed without anyone noticing. But they did. They all did. And no Monday was ever the same again that was only the start of a neverending chain of unlucky Mondays!

‘It’s just utter rubbish.’

Chantelle, 13

Let’s get it clear what high school is really like. Hey, I’m Chantelle. I am thirteen and I go to a school in Dundee.
School’s cool sometimes but other times its just utter rubbish. You need to know how to be cool but don’t act too cool it might get you into some bother. Some people think cool means getting into lots of trouble but it’s really not, just be yourself and you’ll make lots of new friends.

People told me rumours about secondary ‘big’ school, I believed some of them were true; it made me worried and even more nervous on my very first day. To be honest none of them are true.

You get some very mad teachers. One of my teachers pure walks around the classroom singing. When you ask for something and he says, “no,” and you say, “OMG” or “God’s sake”, he turns around and says, “TOUGH COOKIES!” It’s hilarious.

The corridors get really crowded in-between periods and before break and lunch; remember its ‘break’ not ‘playtime’.
One time after dinner I was wanting to go to a classroom and get my coat and I was wanting to get my friends hand and drag her up with me, but instead I grabbed another really popular girl in my years hand and was dragging her. It was really embarrassing…

I don’t know what else you need to know other than try to treat people the way you would like to be treated and just don’t be too cool and be yourself.

Good luck P7’s, hope you have a great first year x

‘Bob with the bob haircut.’

Charlie E

Monday: the new year sevens have come; I remember in the first day of school everyone says that it is “one of the scariest days of your life!” RUBBISH, all it really is to show how popular you are I think all the teachers are nice to you and for the next week. Half of them get lost and burst out crying (they are always the unpopular people) just like Bob (with a bob hair cut lol) and his “gang” they all think they are so hard, yet they don’t even know that they are the most unpopular kids in the school. If I would tell ten tips in the fist day it would be 1:  Try to act cool but act yourself 2: hang around with the popular people 3: don’t look like a loner 4: go to as many clubs as possible 5: act sporty 6: don’t go in the ict room or the library 7: don’t sit at the back of the bus 8: don’t cry if you trip 9: be funny in class but not the class clown 10:don’t make foes but make friends.

‘Everybody gasped.’

Charlie R

It is my first day at school today and we are waiting for the teacher to finish the register so I thought I might as well write in my new journal to pass the time. There are some things you have to watch when you walk into your new form room. Like if you come in and plonk down your bags at any old desk when the teacher comes in she says “I hope you like where you’re sitting because these are your permanent seats!” Everybody GASPED. I reckon I have the worst seat in the class. I was sat next to Dandruff Danny and Jonny. Today we caught the bus to school and me and my best friend Kai are stood waiting for the bus on the bus stop and when the bus turned up Lewis still wasn’t there, he is always late for the bus. 

I can’t believe it,
learned some
Secondary school
School Bus It’s Tuesday already. I have
things that you must not do at
and they are: Do not sit at the

back of the bus, Do not stay behind to help the teacher and do not cry when you fall over. All of these things are vital to survive at any secondary school. We already have loads of homework and I don’t know what I am going to do with it all. I think I might just say my dog ate all of my homework or the garbage man took it without me knowing or my mum took it with a bunch of other papers. I really don’t want to do my homework, I HATE it.

‘Penguin Slide!’

Charlotte F

Finally, Friday, the last day of the week, but the day when we have the worst lessons, Geography, and P&B. Me and my friends were walking out of our form room, E2, when I was talking to my crazy best friend Freddie, my other friend, Ellie, had her rucksack in the middle of the corridor. I wasn’t looking where I was going and tripped over it! I skidded on my belly along the corridor, with my bags scattered all over the floor. When I stood up I was bursting with laughter and so were my friends! That’s a time to remember, and to never forget.

Top tips for Y7:

  • Always wear your collar inside your jumper, otherwise you will look like a nerd
  • If you have a rucksack, loosen the straps, have it low
  • Never sit at the back of the bus
  • In the first lessons always sit by someone you like, as the teacher may then say, ‘I hope you like where you’re sitting as these are your permanent seats for the rest of the year’
  • Watch out for loose paving stones, or you may trip over them, like Becky did, landing flat on her face!
  • Don’t, whatever you do insult someone bigger or tougher than you, or you might end up in the medical room with a nosebleed, or a broken arm!

‘How to survive being a girl in school!’

Chloe and Remi, 11

Key words: survival, girls

  • Ok, so your Mum is dragging u along the pavement 2 school then quickly pretend u have a temperature. Hopefully she will fall 4 it. If she says “I’ll take your temperature” then change your mind and go 2 school!

  •  Alright, so the plan backfired… Don’t stress: the next day u can try another plan like …….ah! faking 2 be sick and make an icky sticky mess in the bottom of a bucket or say 2 your mum the dog’s eaten your homework and if your mum finds your homework on your desk then tear it up into peaces!!! 

  • Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘They’ll charge at you as if you’re the last cake at a picnic.’

Chloe H

I have school yet again today; we have to do our hockey house matches for the last two lessons. I like hockey, it’s really fun. But there are some bad points. Three bad points about hockey: one, never play in goal; you get blamed if you let the ball in. Two, don’t be defender, you get balls coming at you from all directions, and three, stay away from the ball, they’ll charge at you as if you’re the last cake at a picnic.
At lunch time before our house matches, me and my friend were hanging around the back of the dinner hall.  We had a race to see who could get their bag the quickest and get back to our form room before the bell went. As I was running, I slipped on the slabs and went face first into the wall. No injuries taken but it really did hurt. My friend couldn’t help but laugh. I was walking around with a big bruise on my forehead.
Tips for the New Year 7s next year: One, stay away from the older kids, they’re like lions protecting their territory if you annoy them. Two, don’t go into the toilets if there are older kids in there, they’ll stare at you and point and three, don’t go right at the back of the bus, the lions will get you.

‘The dinners are way better.’


I am going to tell you how to be popular, homework excuses, what it’s like and more.

So first thing: homework excuses.

  • My dog ate it
  • The printer or computer broke
  • My pen ran out of ink
  • My pencils are broken
  • My pen drive doesn’t work
  • I spilled my juice over it
  • I left it at home
  • Say that you were staying at someone else’s house and my work was at home
  • I couldn’t be bothered doing it

Second thing: being popular

  • Do something talented i.e.( football music, etc…)
  • fighting (wouldn’t recommend doing that)
  • getting loads of detentions
  • having an awesome relative at the school

Third thing: dressing cool

  • come in with tracksuit bottoms
  • come in with non-school uniform on

Fourth thing: what is secondary like?

Secondary is actually quite alright I would say it is better than primary as you’re not stuck with the same teacher for 6 hours.

It is better because if you get bullied you have your guidance teachers to sort the problem out.

The dinners are way better because there is the hot & cold bar so there is a selection of foods and drinks.

‘I only had four minutes to eat my breakfast.’

Connor G

On Monday I got up and got ready for boring old school, after I had got dressed I realised I only had four minuets to eat my breakfast till I had to catch the bus.

The bus
The rules to getting on the bus are you have to push your way on, don’t let people push you around, number two is never sit at the back or get beaten up by black jumpers (the upper school students), number three don’t sit too close to the front of the bus or you will be called a nerd. 

‘Don’t sit at the back of the bus.’

Connor M

In my little story I will tell you the dos and the don’ts to survive the year of year seven from the beginning to the end. I am going to tell you the top 3 things not to do which are: sit at the back of the bus, stay behind to help the teacher or cry when you fall over and hurt yourself. So read my journey over this week and see how these things can change you forever.

Monday- Today we are doing rugby in P.E today and I always love it but some of the boys either don’t like getting muddy or scared they’re going to get hurt. Today we were going to have a whole game and most of us were really excited before the game. It all went wrong when 5 boys tangled legs and fell over. A boy really hurt his leg so he limped off to the medical room. But then a boy threw a ball at him when he was crossing the road, he then fell over again and a car nearly ran him over. Then the water works started and he was then thrown in a bush forever after.
Tuesday- It was just a usual boring old day when the bell suddenly struck. There was a great cheer and every body said it is going to be the best holidays ever. Everybody except the new boy who had no friends and because of that was crying in the corner. He then later got on my bus, there I said ‘hello’. He ignored me and walked strait to the back of the bus and sat down. I said to him ‘do you have a death wish’. Then out of nowhere some year11 walked up and chucked him off the bus in a big bush of brambles. He then moved back to India where he was never seen again.

‘Jeans, jeggings, leggings skirts.’


How to handle your first day at big school!

Your first day at school you will be scared that you don’t know anyone but you make friends

Making friends is easy just be nice and caring to them and you will have friends in no time.

Lost in school….x

If you get lost in school and you don’t know were to go just ask a teacher nicely to show you were you are meant to be going were the classroom is and if you keep getting lost just keep going to the teacher if there is no teachers around go to the office and they will tell you were to go..

How to handle bullies

If you are getting bullied and you don’t know what to do you just go straight to your guidance and they will sort it out straight away and you will never be bullied again
Don’t let them get you scared for your first day just tell someone and enjoy your school..

P.e lesson pitfalls ..x

If something goes wrong in gym like you trip and hurt yourself don’t cry just tell the teacher and you will get sent to the school nurse and she/he will check it out for you and you will be perfectly fine.

Making your school uniform cool

First to make your school clothes cool you have to wear what everybody else is wearing and make it a bit more cooler were a school jumper or tie and wear your school bottoms..x

What to wear on non-school uniform days ..x

On non school uniform day you bring in a £1 and you can wear anything like jeans, jeggings, leggings, skirts: wear anything except school uniform

But if you want you can wear school uniform and you don’t need to pay a £1
It is a really ace day that you don’t need to wear school uniform it’s a whole different day when you are not dressed in school uniform..x
Excuses for being late for classes ..x

There are plenty on excuses to say when you are late for school

  • say you had a dentist appointment
  • say you slept in for school
  • say you were helping your mum get the kids ready and just say you were at a funeral or something

‘Complete nutter’

Daisy G, 11

Well.. Here’s the story of my life so far…
My name is Daisy, age 11. I’ve got three best friends in the whole wide world Elisha, Jade and Abigail. I’ve got one brother Philip age 18, two sisters Emma and Lisa age 13 and 15 and my parents are just, I don’t know, normal I guess.

Elisha: if you annoy Elisha she will rip your head off and she will be angry at you for the whole day.

Jade: Jade is a very kind and generous girl but she cares a lot about her looks.

Abigail: Abigail is very funny and she’s a complete nutter.

Emma: Emma generally is a nice person but she can get a bit bossy sometimes.

Philip: Philip is the most annoying person I’ve ever met: he will never leave me alone!!!!

Lisa: Lisa is nearly as pretty as me she probably is kinder than me and my whole family and everyone wants to be like her.

Me: Oh me! I nearly forgot about me… I’m so pretty and so generous - well at least that’s what I think! Everyone calls me an idiot and says I’m always lazy but I know that’s not true… well at least I think so.

‘My printer ate my homework.’

Daniel and Craig

Homework excuses

  • My dog ate it
  • My printer broke or computer broke
  • My pen ran out of ink
  • My pencils were broken
  • Pen drive broken
  • Left it at home.

Now how to act cool!
When you get a hot person’s number and txt flirt with them: don’t talk about boring things like homework and class work it’s sad. Don’t try to be a teachers’ pet or you will get some hassle from the older people and bullies. Just have a group of friends to make you look popular and cool

Uniform coolness
Don’t wear white socks with black shoes it doesn’t really look cool.
Don’t wear your jumper with navy trousers they don’t match!!!

Dealing with bullies

Well one thing don’t tell your parents its makes you look like you’re scared and if you tell a teacher its quite sad so just ignore them and run away from any threats.

‘It was like a mini sandwich bar!’

Danielle H

On my first day it was odd because I only knew the people that went to my primary school. It was so big (like a maze) I got lost loads of times but the teachers didn’t mind, for it was our first day. We don’t have the same timetable, of course that confused me even more. We have a week A and week B for A, year 7, 8 and 9 go in first for lunch and B is for year 10 and 11! You soon get used to it! By lunchtime, I made a few friends, but not many...I had bistro for lunch it was amazing it was like a mini sandwich bar!! We have an hour and 5 minutes for lunch and it goes on forever but I’m going to join a club so I don’t hang round on my own all lunch and be bored! 2 more boring lesson to go until home time, YAY! Finally home time! all of the students were piling onto their buses to get home after a long day 5 to 10 minutes later my mum, dad and sister pulled up out side, I was so glad to see them. They asked me how my first day went and I replied GREAT!!!

‘My trousers were soaking wet’

Danielle I

Wednesday: half way through the week, today we have netball house matches (yawn). I really hate them because they are always outside and it is hot today and I hate sport but I still do it because you have to.
If you are starting secondary school here are some things you should know:

  1. If you go on the bus don’t sit right at the back because you will be entering the black jumper’s territory.  It is like a piece of meat just walking into a lion’s territory and just standing there because they want to get eaten.
  2. Don’t stay back after class and help pack away because people will think you are keen to be good and work and then people won’t like you.

Once I was walking off the school bus when I slipped and fell in a muddy puddle, I laughed and when I got up my trousers were soaking wet.

‘Sounnnnnddddddd, nittttttttttt and sayin.’

David and Darren
The coolest and best way to adjust your uniform is spike your hair up, make your shoes loose, loosen your bag and wear any t-shirt under your jumper. Never tuck ur top into your trouser and never wear a tie it is nerdish. Don’t turn up like this »
Man Holding a can

How to handle bullies

To handle bullies just try to get along with them or try to avoid them if none of them work you’re screwed.

Developing a catchphrase

To get an awesome catchphrase just copy the best catchphrase going around for example sounnnnnddddddd, nittttttttttt and sayin.

How to be popular 

To be popular just be cool. For example play football, hang around in a crew with your friends.

Choosing the route to go to school

If you live about one or two miles away from the school take the bus with your friends or walk with your friends if you live close. Never let your mum drop you off.

Choosing who to sit next to at lunch time

The best ways to chose who to sit next to at lunch time is sitting next to your friends or sit with people in your new class.

What to wear on non uniform days

Just wear designer top and jeans or trackies on non uniform days or something similar.

School rules made up by pupils

Here are some rules that you can make.

  • No detentions
  • No uniform
  • Only PE teachers
  • No exams

‘The real deal.’

Isobel P and Alexia W, 11 and 10

The stuff I’m about to tell you may shock you, but just remember, this is the real deal. You may have heard stories about year 6, but very few of them are true.  Year 6 can be fun at times - you have a laugh - and at other times the enthusiasm can be as dead as a graveyard (especially on a Monday morning!).

There was this one time, it was so funny, when we put a whoopee cushion under our teacher’s chair. Surprisingly she laughed too, we thought she was going to blow her top, but she laughed as much as we did! One of the best moments we were ever going to get out of this place.

Any way, the tips on how to be cool in school are hard to follow, but if you’re completely not popular and wanting some attention then it’s worth all the hard work. Here are our five top tips on how to be cool in school:

1) If you want to be cool, the way you come across is very important. Even though people say that it’s what inside that matters it’s not all that. The way you dress is still as important because if you’re wearing some ripped up, muddy dungarees then people won’t think of you as the most coolest person will they?

2) If some freaks or weirdoes walk up to you, just say, ‘back off’ or just walk away.

3) Always make sure you are with at least one person so you don’t look like a loner.

4) First impressions are very important, you can’t make a second first impression.

5) Don’t be a braggart. A braggart is someone who keeps bragging about what they have in their lives. If you’re a braggart then you won’t have any friends and you definitely have no chance of being popular.

The second most important things to know are the tips on understanding boys.

1) If the boy you fancy comes up and talks to you, then act cool, and whatever you do, do NOT turn bright red or they’ll think that you’re a bit strange or something like that.

2) If they talk to you don’t mutter anything, especially if it is something like  ’you’re so cute’ make sure you reply to whatever they say, and don’t be silent when they’re talking to you.

3) If a boy is really annoying you and driving you nuts then give them an eye roll and walk off.

Hopefully these tips will help you when you’re around boys!

Another really important thing is friendship. The following tips are what a good friend is.

1) A good friend is someone who is honest to you and loyal.  

2) They don’t talk about you behind your back because that is what friends should not do.

3) They don’t leave you out. Also - make sure they don’t hit you.

4) If they go off in a strop, then don’t go after them because that means they win. It’s just like if a bully says mean things to you and you cry, that means they win.

5) The best way to have really good fun with a friend, is you have to find something that you both like doing, or both like, and you can make up a game from it or just talk about things.

‘I found it behind the toilet.’

Nia D and Rhys S, 12 and 11



Today this was the first day of school. It started off quite badly when my little sister, Emily, hid my school bag. I found it twenty minutes later, behind the toilet. From there, it went from bad, to WORSE. I was half an hour late for school, and my embarrassing mum drove me there. Her car was pink, with  these little kittens on the side. As I was walking up the steps to the school building, she ran up to me and said,
“You forgot your lunch, Sweetie!”
And if this wasn’t bad enough, she gave me a big kiss on the forehead.

My first lesson was P.E. And it was Gymnastics. I normally have my own stuff, but money was tight, so I had to wear my big brother, Jake’s hand–me-down gym kit.  It was only when I was doing Star Jumps that I noticed everyone staring and sniggering. At first I thought it was my star jumps, but then I turned around and saw a HUGE hole that was showing my pants! And just my luck, they were my very old dog and cat patterned ones! My face burning red, I ran to the changing rooms, only to find ALL of my gym shorts were holed. Take it from me: NEVER agree to wear your big brother’s hand-me-downs.


I went to the cafeteria, and saw that a food fight was in full swing. I just about managed to dodge a pizza flying my way. Well, after all the incidents that happened today, I decided to act cool and get in the thick of the fight. Problem was, the Deputy head came in just as I threw a pretty big piece of cake at my friend Josh, and it hit the Deputy right in her face, smearing all her make up. Well I think I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say you DON’T  wanna get detention on the first day of school.  Especially not a week’s worth.


In my maths lesson, Mr Thomson gave us a test on how much we already knew. BIG problem. I don’t remember much about it.
Why should I bother remembering stuff I’m going to learn all over again? I got a  D-. Unfair. Sure, I guessed most of them.  And guess what? I got the hiccoughs. And loud ones at that. I tried to cover them up, but Mr Thompson yelled at me , and , because it was  a test I  couldn’t explain. So that earned me another week’s detention, on top of the Deputy’s.  Just my luck. If you want my advice, don’t eat your food fast before taking a test.

End Of School.

On the way out of school, I accidentally kicked my ball into a big tree. I had to climb up to get it. But as I was climbing, my shirt snagged on a branch and ripped right off. I had no choice but to go down. I couldn’t cover up, or I would fall. Everyone in the school was looking. None of the buses had left yet.
People in their houses and on the streets were staring at me and only me. Everyone was laughing and pointing. Note to self: NEVER climb a tree with a polo shirt again. I had to run home in only my trousers and shoes.

The first to see me was my brother. I know he’ll hold it over my head forever. I put on a clean T-shirt. Mum and Dad weren’t home yet, but I don’t know what they’ll say. After that, I decided to write in this diary. I entitled this story:

‘Cool Diary for Cool kids.’

Olivia D and Xanthe B, 11 and 10

The first thing I’d like to tell you is… popularity counts. This blog is for people who struggle to be top notch (STRICTLY GIRLS ONLY). Remember this is top secret, you mustn’t show anyone else if you want to be the only cool one! So anyway, I’m Alice and also very popular. I know everything!

The first information to being popular is first impressions! You should brush your hair at least twice a day (morning and night) and wearing the latest designer clothes immediately makes you one of the best fashion guru’s around. In fact you will be one of the most well-known people in the world (after me of course)! Well, perhaps I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you’ll definitely have a good reputation in school.

You probably don’t know when a boy fancies you, but I do. This paragraph is to share my info to you. If you already have a boyfriend, skip this bit! When a boy teases you, it means that he totally has a crush on you. If you don’t fancy them just ignore them for the rest of your life. Next thing I have to tell you is that if a boy ignores you then he really doesn’t like you. For example, me and my best friend Alex were in the park and we met nice-eye guy. I was totally flirting with him ‘cause I adore that dude! Although, he just ignored me and eventually made a lame excuse that he had to go to the toilet. So now, I really don’t like him (but he still has nice eyes)! In conclusion my advice is to just avoid boys, they cause trouble!

Usually, I fall out of bed in the mornings to wake myself up for school, but last week… I didn’t. My teacher was like, so cross. But the most important thing to remember is, don’t cry when a teacher tells you off. If you can’t resist just say you have hay fever or water in your eyes! Back to the subject we were talking about (waking up for school) I recently found a great alarm clock on the web. It’s cool to buy everything on the web! Anyway it’s called a blowfly alarm clock. When the alarm goes off the clock flies up into the air. You must return it to its base to make the annoying noise go off. I think this is ultimately cool and I’ve already found it in mum’s lame hiding place for presents.

The last thing I am going to share with you today is how to survive embarrassing moments. You really don’t want to get embarrassed in front of like the hottest guy! So if you have embarrassing parents, don’t pretend that they aren’t yours as soon the truth will come rolling out and no one will trust you. Instead just laugh and say “Oh mum, I really do think you’re funny!” Later on though, you can give her a firm talking to. Another embarrassing moment is when your skirt is tucked into your knickers, don’t panic! Hardly anyone will have noticed and just laugh and say “Oops, I didn’t notice that!” but if no one has seen then quickly pull it back down.

Sorry folks, but that’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in to this totally awesome blog, that makes you like totally awesome!

‘The button is in the loo.’

Rupert and Charlie, 11

Funny times  

Before the Christmas play Rupert went for a last minute toilet break. As he was straining to do the buttons up on his trousers suddenly, PING!!!! The button is in the loo.  

Advice: wear a belt.

Our school partnership in Grenoble sent everyone in my class a card. Charlie’s French pal wrote that he was cute.

Advice: never send a picture of your self to someone you don’t know.

Max lost his p.e shorts so he borrowed some boxer like pe shorts.

Advice: don’t borrow p.e shorts and always bring a spare pair.

In year 1, Joel stood up in assembly and then Max pulled down his shorts.

Advice: don’t stand up in assembly and don’t sit next to Max.

‘There were lovely little firework displays all over the classroom.’

Dylan A and Imrey S, 12

First of all you should have never had opened this but since you have you might as well read it. My name is Dylan and I don’t really care what your name is so let’s get to it.

I am writing about how to survive in first year at High school and tell you my time from the first ever day at first year to now, so lets start.

My teachers name is Mrs Walker and I go to a school in Dundee. The date I wrote this Blog was on the 28/06/10.

Right, so let’s get started on how to be cool and all that. First of all, don’t act like an idiot and be a total weirdo in front of the girls and the cool group of boys and the people who will tease you on and on again. Second, always hang around with friends you know who won’t prank you in a really bad way. And always, repeat always; tell your secrets to really close friends. If you don’t, you’re really daft. Thirdly, if you want to look cool and be popular don’t be a teacher’s pet, wear a tight tie and tucked shirt or look like a geek.
Finally if you have a charm, diary/journal, don’t show when in a crowded area - like I said, tease and bully.

Now it’s the good part, well for you whoever your name is. I am about to tell you how I was at first and that. First of all, teachers. My old maths teacher was a bit weird because she never lets me or my class play games either because we don’t behave or she’s just a bit of a moan. But anyway, next teacher is my English teacher. She is really nice. She does good work, is very understanding and whenit’s near the holidays she puts on a movie or something. Another teacher, she is my C.D.T teacher, is a bit strict on the wood and plastic and all. My guidance teacher is sound and alright mostly.

Anyway, moving on. I hang around with my two best buds, Ross and Scott, and sometimes mates from primary.
You know how you get the saying, “keep your friends close but your enemies closer?” I like to say, “Keep your friends close but your enemies far away like x10.”

Loads of funny and sometimes embarrassing things have happened to me in the last year. One day when I was walking home from school, my mate was talking to me, so I stupidly turned around and kept walking when I’d finished talking I turned back around and walked into the lamppost (which to me was invisible). It was an utter embarrassment and I would never do it again in a million years. And the worst part is that my mates still torment me now. 
In science we tried to make some sparklers. We got some tapers, covered them with glue, some weird solution and iron filings, then we held them over a Bunsen burner (which was as its highest height) and they surprisingly worked. There were lovely little firework displays all over the class room.

In Modern Studies we played a game; there was a big box in front of the classroom. One by one we all had to pick something out of the box. Inside the box were different jobs and you had to imitate the job that you got and lucky me I got the job of being a ballet dancer! It was the funniest thing that had happened to me all year! And yes I did imitate it and I looked like a total fool!

‘Not a good move at all.’

Ellie G, 12

Getting lost on your first day is not the best of starts at a new school.  Well that’s just what happened to me and it does not help when one of your worst of worst foes comes up to you and gives you a hard time about where we were going and how she didn’t no where we were going and then when I told her that I didn’t now where we were going she started shouting at me like how she new where we were going and she didn’t need me.  I was luckily saved by my French teacher lesson that I got lost to and she took me there but I have to say it was my teacher’s fault because if she had not had the hardest room to find well then I would not have got lost and fallen in to this mess. I have decided to stay out of her way from now on.

When I had got on to the bus that evening I was so tired that I didn’t realise that I was sitting at the back end where all the older people were sitting. [I just have to say that was not a good move at all]. They got very agitated with me and started kicking and slapping me. At the end they picked me up and moved me right down to the other end of the bus while they were doing that I was screaming and shouting at the top of my voice. Gladly the bus driver was not on the bus at that otherwise I probably would have got chucked off the bus that evening. One quick piece of advice: don’t sit at the back end of the bus or you will be dead meat.

‘Don’t put your collar out.’

Emma T

Another day at school, I don’t want to go but I guess that I have to because we’ve got a science test, remember always try to do your best because if you don’t then you will be the laughing stock of the class for the next week.

Also try to get a good seat in every class because if you don’t then you will get picked on by other people and try to do things right, also don’t stay behind to help the teacher, and don’t put your collar out otherwise you will get called lots of names.

‘Bog-washed? Nah…’

Gemma M, 13

Ok, so when you’re at primary, people are telling you: bog-washed, broken, getting beat-up, all these bad things. So you will be pretty scared, but don’t worry. I was told all these things too, so I was terrified. I had butterflies and everything, I was that scared I even thought of breaking my arm in the holidays so I wouldn’t have to go to school,  but I won’t go into details.

When I went into P7 I felt top of the school. Then, when I got into high school, I felt like I was back in primary 1. Some older kids might say things like ‘baby’, or ignore you or skip you in queues.  I know if I just said to tell a teacher, you would just think that was being a grass or something, but I’m not going to say that because It’s just part of school life and happens to most 1st years. Maybe you should tell a friend or try to settle it with the people that are bothering you. But honestly, it’s not as bad as some people might make it out to be.

Your first day in high school will be strange because there are a lot of tall people, it isn’t like primary at all. In primary you go in a class and stay in it all day basically; in high school you have to switch classes for different subjects. You might not be with your mates, so you also have to make new friends because in your first year the teachers will be fair and put you with your friends but in 2nd year you will get split up. Although you might still be with some of your friends, you shouldn’t be shy to talk to others and try to make friends because they will be feeling exactly the same as you.

In school you want to be popular but it is quite hard. It’s not always about wearing the smartest clothes and having the newest trend and stuff like that, just be kind and helpful to other people. That is another way to make new friends and be funny and not too shy. Just be yourself, don’t try to be popular by smoking and going with the wrong kind of people, it doesn’t get you anywhere, it just gets you into trouble. When you settle in to school it will be much better, you won’t be so shy and you can have a good laugh with your friends like the time when one of my friends decked it in the corridor. Or you could laugh at teachers, like I used to have a teacher (not naming names) that shouted when they spoke and me and my friends would jump.

When you go up to high school you need to try to work hard because in a few years time you need to get a job or get into college. If you have too many punni eckys or you bunk and have a bad report, the college won’t accept you or the job you want. So you need to work to the best of your ability. If you do you will get on with the teachers and you will find high school so much easier and enjoyable.

Speaking to a primary 7 going in to high school he said he is happy and is not so worried. That people have spoken to him about it. But he is concerned that the colour of his hair might make him stand out.

Well, I would say that he has nothing to worry about because he is going to the school I go to and the school doesn’t accept bullying. There are lots of people in the school with the same colour of hair as him and they don’t get made fun of so he has nothing to worry about. He just needs to try his hardest throughout all of his high school years.

‘I got absolutely done.’

Hannah M

When you start year 7 you need to learn a lot about the school you go to and here are some pointers on how to survive.
Tip 1: Today is my very first day at school and I learnt a lot in the first 2 hours of school. For starters do not, I repeat, do not sit at the back of your bus. My friend and I got on our bus but my friend said she would sit at the back I thought it was crazy so I sat at the front with all the weirdoes. Suddenly all the year 10s got on (they normally sit at the back) and went up to my friend grabbed her and threw her to the front of the bus, she bounced off the window and went flying off! The bus doors closed and drove off. Now you wouldn’t want to be her now would you?
Tip 2:When you go into your form room, stick and sit with your friends. I decided to sit at the front after what happened on the bus, but our teacher said you will be sitting here for the rest of the school year so I was sitting with all the weirdoes, again.
Tip 3:Don’t chat in lessons. I got absolutely done for talking in my French lesson. We were learning verbs and I was saying how it was really boring and I got a total of 5 detentions!

‘Nag nag nag.’

Hannah Y, 12

We don’t have the same timetable! Mum told me to calm down! I said NO I don’t have a clue what Tom is on about, which confused me even more. We have a week B and a week A You may hear. At lunchtimes we only ever had packed lunch but today mum forgot to make my sandwiches (because of the argument) so I had bistro. I had the most scrumptious pasty with a peach drink and a double choc chip cookie!  It was the best pasty I ever had. The rest of the day was boring we had either maths or French I don’t remember! But it definitely was BORING either way. On the bus home I and Amber were messing about listening to music and chatting to other class mates and friends. Walking home was okay except my cousin goes to the toilet on the way back (not on the toilet) in the bush! It’s disgusting.  When I got home mum kept asking me if I had homework and what I had been doing in the day. NAG NAG NAG that’s all she ever does, Hannah tidy your room. Hannah put the washing out. Hannah do the washing up. After all that nagging she makes my dinner (half the time it’s not what I want) At night I go on the computer and play games or watch telly. The rest of the time I’m outside or at clubs.

‘How come Monday is so far away from Friday but Friday is so close to Monday?’

Hollie S

Another day at school, how come Monday is so far away from Friday but Friday is so close to Monday? I guess it’s not so bad... what am I kidding its really bad. To make things worst we have double maths, science, art, art and history! First trip to the bus stop, I walked up to the bus stop all nervous and shaky.  (I get on the ABUS)  Advice = try not to be shaky as people will think you’re weak and pick on you! Also when you get on the bus never walk and sit at the back! If you do then you’re in trouble and won’t go into school looking how you left from home.
First bus trip ... long, boring and scary but I’m with 3 of my friends so that’s ok. But just my luck the bus is starting to break down ON MY FIRST DAY!!!! But we soon got going. But I was ok, I just laughed (lol). We finally got to school - just made it. I walked into my form sat with Isabelle, Sophia and Elisha. (All friends from primary) All my lessons were ok but science was the best. We used Bunsen burners and everyone in the form loved it! I had bistro for lunch with Elisha, we were first sitting and the queue was hardly long. (Cause we got let to lunch early)  ADVICE = HAVE FUN AT SCHOOL BUT TRY NOT TO BE A NERD!
My first school day is over but I have to go back tomorrow.
Back on the bus this time I sat with Elisha and listened to her iPod nano. Soon got off and went home to tell my mum and dad see you soon!
See you all tomorrow!!!!!!

Music Note

‘Hum a tune and strut your stuff!’

Alexandra and Katie, 11

Do you want to fit in?
Do you want to be popular?
Well then follow my advice and you will be moving tables at lunch!
You see, if you are unpopular and you want to be up there with the latest fashion and the top boyfriend (Justin bieber) (well maybe not Justin) then listen to me. However to get the ultimate hot bf basically all you need to do is act like you’re the centre of everything e.g. shoulders back, one foot in front of another, hum a tune and strut your stuff! I’m sure you will be popular by now. I don’t brag or anything but I am the most popular kid in the school and if there were a rating I would be right at the top!!! All the kids say I am cool and that they all wish they were me. In my opinion it’s me, myself and I. If all you think about in life is yourself you will get very far. Now as I was saying I am so popular that I actually have THREE best friends and the average person usually has ONE!!! Their names: Xanthe, Alexia and Amy! We are all very close friends!

Now to dress like you know it all:
Well there’s not much you can dress in when you are at school but there are a few touches you can make and some rules you can break! Like wear what you want: learn from me the fashion queen. High heels, designer handbags, nothing normal just pure designer- girl. One more tip: THINK PINK and popular!!!! X

Monday: whoops what a cringe I came out the girl’s cloak room into the classroom and for some reason everyone was looking at me………… I thought yeah great everyone is looking at me so I thought this would be the time to strut my stuff in front of Ted (my mega hot crush) everyone was pointing at my skirt and laughing I turned around, took one look and found that a trail of loo roll was hanging off my skirt. To make matters worse TED WAS LOOKING!!!!! That day I faked ill to go home!

Tuesday: After having a nightmare about the dreaded loo roll I got up thinking I was still in the dream, I walked downstairs, went to the bathroom and ripped up all the loo roll! Whoops again: my punishment was dreadful. I went onto my account on Facebook and AHHHH it had been DELETED by my evil parents. They have got revenge. I hope they think its sweet! I will get my own back just wait!!!

Wednesday: My day was going well until some stupid maggot (my brother) came up to me and said do you remember that time when you ran around the house naked then suddenly farted in the bathroom???? What was that little maggot thinking, saying something so maggot like in front of my awesome friends L. Great, now two people I need to get my revenge on. Dinner was just as bad mum and dad were talking about their love life and how they met! How dare they talk about something when I wasn’t there! You see it just works like this: I HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING!

Thursday: I was so jealous someone came with a JACK WILLS HOODIE! I had to make friends with them right away. It was quite hard as everyone was hanging around her so I decided to tell the world that I had a 130 pound Jack Wills bag. Everyone came towards me and started asking questions (great now I can talk to that girl) but suddenly I came across a problem. Someone asked me to bring in my Jack Wills bag and I said yes!!!! Oh sugar, now I remember I leant it to my friend a year above me, what am I going to do the only option is to buy another one? Actually there is no problem: their mummy will buy me another one! Very tired going to bed!

Friday: Arrived at school in my limo with my newly bought Jack Wills bag! One problem, I was in my pyjamas. So I had to go back home and I was late for school and in a detention but what do I care? So far the day was going ummm not the best but yeah. I just thought of my lunch: my organic chocolate, organic sandwiches and my lovely drink.

You should have learned something from my week follow my advice and you will be popular and proud!   


Andrew T and Max D, 11

Grouping order:
Today was a successful day, I think I moved one up in my group. Let me explain the grouping order as these groups are not necessarily in popularity order. First there is the sporty helping group, then the boys group “a” and the boys group “b”.
The same applies to the girls except there is always one rebel group.

What not to do
Well the first thing is never to be a teacher’s pet - this will be a sure death sentence.  Don’t have your t-shirt tucked in - this may lead to name calling and friend loss. Boasting about things that you supposedly can do and others can’t, you never know you may be challenged.

The mystery of girls…

This paragraph may be short for little is known about this unknown species named girls! You need to learn how to deal with them. Communication with these animals is almost impossible. Also you need good protective armor to protect you from their deadly and poisonous pinch. BEWARE!!!



There are lot of consoles but some are better than others. Top of the list in joint 1st is the x box and iPod touch, but you must have one game in particular: Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2. In second place Nintendo DS I and third place is iPod Nano. Last place is ps3!!

And before we go the secret to popularity is…oh got to go. Bye sorry!!!

‘I am basically the weirdest person you will ever meet.’

Chris P, 12

Hi my name is Chris I am 12 years old. First things first, I am unpopular, no one respects me. I am basically the weirdest person you will ever meet. I have lots of disturbing things to tell you about my survival in high school…

16th June 2010

The first five good things about high school: Number one P.E because the key thing to survival is learning how to stand tall; number two, stand your ground: don’t let anyone prove that they are better than you; number three: do whatever it takes to win in a situation of any shape or size…   

17th June 2010

My enemies: just to let you know they are not all from my school.

  1. Sam
  2. Joe
  3. James
  4. Josh
  5. Kyle
  6. Connell

and more… 

You know what?. Everybody wants a piece of my combat skills…

‘I thought that I was in some kind of prison.’

Daisy S, 12

Hello, my name is Daisy and I am 12 years oldI am writing about my first year of high school and the tasks that I had to faced when I started.

Last September I started High School. My first day of school was very scary. When I got off the school bus and saw the big gates around the school, I thought that I was in some kind of prison. As I walked in, everyone was staring at me. I felt proper embarrassed and I didn’t know why, so I just walked straight to a corner with my friend to stay out of everyone’s way.

On my way to my first lesson it was hard, especially trying to follow the one way system, but I found my way. When I think about it now I don’t know why I was so scared, because there was always somewhere I could go to help me find my way. So if you are worried trying to find your lessons, then don’t get upset: find someone to help you!!!!!!

I was talking to my friends today and we were talking about the funniest thing that has happened at school so far. I told them that it was on my 2nd week at school and I was trying to get to my Geography lesson and I thought that instead of going the long way I would take a short cut, but the short cut wasn’t following the one way system. But I thought that I would take a risk, so I ran across the corridor to my lesson. Suddenly some people were laughing at me and I couldn’t figure out why, so I turned around to find a woman who said that she had been chasing me and calling me all the way down the corridor. I was mortified! 


Today I was really excited because it was my first Technology lesson. We never really did Technology at primary school so I am very excited.

I have History today. I hate History, What is the point in doing History if you are not going to use it for anything? It is pointless. It is one of my worst lessons.  There is only one person in our class who likes history and he is a right nerd!

Today was the best day of the week. I had P.E.  I love doing sports and that. We all got into our sets. My friend got mad because she is in the lowers set and I am in the top set. Also today we were talking about our primary schools and what they were like. My friend was showing off because she thinks that her school was better that mine: she kept on going on and on about how great her school was. It was doing my head in.

Tuesday 29th June 2010
On Thursday 24th June we had an English day. It was one of the most boring days I have had at school yet. We got put with this other primary school and the staff that came in were treating us like little babies. I know it was to improve our English but what has panting got to do with English? It was fun but I didn’t get it. I would have to say that the only good thing about that day was that at dinner time we got free cookies.

‘I can’t be bugged.’

Daniel B

Late to class excuses
When you’re late for some of your classes here are some things to say:
Sorry I’m late for class, I

  • lost my way
  • went to the wrong class
  • was at the toilet
  • lie!

Homework excuses
Some excuses for late homework are the following:
I forgot my homework because

  • I can’t be bugged
  • My dog ate it
  • Lie (would be an option)
  • Tell the truth (Yeah, right!)

How to be cool
Some things to make you cooler in school are:

  • don’t tuck your shirt in
  • don’t wear school polo shirts
  • make bag straps longer
  • wear tracksuit bottoms in PE
  • get a better hairstyle
  • get a locker
  • don’t act like a nerd

‘How to survive and be cool in the big school!’

Jamie E

Watever u do never be a teacher’s pet, no one will like you or speak to you. That is a very important thing to know.

Phone worries!
If u ever get somebody’s number be cool about it. Give them your number and always for heavens sake text do not phone, girls especially find it weird. Use quick text for example: u, lol, brb and nm. All these are short words brb stands for be right back it saves credit and doesn’t bore girls.

If a bully ever starts on you ignore him/her and just speak to your friends, if u have any. And if he/she says they’re  going to batter you after school and you think you could batter them go at them right there!

These are just some tips on how to be cool and survive in the big school. Don’t worry though I’ll write more buds. Peace out…

‘Art is a bit weird.’

Fatima C, 12

Tuesday 15th June 2010

Hiya! My name is Fatima. I have started secondary school. I am 12 years old. I am writing this because I want to give advice to the year 6 who will be going to secondary school next year. When I first started high school, I didn’t know my way round because the school is very big, but after a couple of weeks I knew my way round. I was scared to make new friends because I hadn’t met them before. But now I have got lots of friends.   

4th lesson on Tuesday: German 

When I came to secondary school we started to learn new languages such as German and French. We have more lessons than at primary school. I was not confident learning German because I hadn’t been taught German before, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would have been.. I have learnt lots of new words in German. I can also speak in German, saying where I live, what’s my name and others.  

Wednesday 16th June: Assembly 

Every Wednesday we have assembly in the 6th form common room or sports hall. We have to sit in our form group and usually it is Frau John who takes over assembly.Frau John is the head of year 7 and she is very kind, but sometimes she does shout if we are naughty. She is also a German teacher who teaches year 7.  

Thursday 17th June last lesson Art

Art is a bit weird because you learn about lots of artistic people who have strange ideas. Also you learn the artistic work which is very unusual but after a while you get to see your favourite artist and how they do their work. You learn about artists such as Monet, Hunderwassser and Georgia O’Keefe and much more, and their abstract style.

29th June 2010 Literacy Day 24th June 

Last Thursday we had a literacy day in the old 6 form common room. It was a fantastic day because my primary school had come to take part in the literacy day. We had lots of fun during the day because we were learning how to build a story and printing and drawing. This was the best bit, because we had to draw a picture but only the face. We had to fold our face and pass it along in the group. When we had finished drawing we had to open our pictures and see how they came out. My group thought mine was the funniest because my face was huge but my body was too small. I would like to do this experience next year.

‘We were sitting down on our chairs watching movies and playing games.’

Isabel G

15th June 2010

Hi my name is Isabel.. I am going to write about what it is like to move from year 6 to year 7. So I am going to start at the beginning which is the end of year 6 and the start of year 7.


16th June 2010

Today was a good day because it was Sports Day. I don’t mean a good day because of the sports and the exercise; it was a good day because I was at school not doing work at all. We were sitting down on our chairs watching movies and playing games.

29th June 2010

Today is Tuesday. My friend and I were discussing funny things that have happened to us over the year when coming to school. The funny thing was that when I first started school it was the first week in and I was going to history and I went out to go to the toilet and when I was coming back I went into the wrong class room, but it was even worse - I went into a class full of year 11. Even worse than that, I went to sit down and everyone was staring at me and laughing at me - even the teacher!

‘We were sitting down on our chairs watching movies and playing games.’

Isabel G

15th June 2010

Hi my name is Isabel.. I am going to write about what it is like to move from year 6 to year 7. So I am going to start at the beginning which is the end of year 6 and the start of year 7.


16th June 2010

Today was a good day because it was Sports Day. I don’t mean a good day because of the sports and the exercise; it was a good day because I was at school not doing work at all. We were sitting down on our chairs watching movies and playing games.

29th June 2010

Today is Tuesday. My friend and I were discussing funny things that have happened to us over the year when coming to school. The funny thing was that when I first started school it was the first week in and I was going to history and I went out to go to the toilet and when I was coming back I went into the wrong class room, but it was even worse - I went into a class full of year 11. Even worse than that, I went to sit down and everyone was staring at me and laughing at me - even the teacher!

‘Don’t act paranoid.’

Jack F, 12

Hello my name is Jack. I am 12 years old. Last Tuesday I started to write a blog and these are my entries.

15th June.
First I am going to tell you about some funny things that happened to me at school this year. This happened on the first week. I needed the toilet during a lesson and the teacher did not let me go… so I snuck out and went, so I got told off and got my first after-school Detention, and that is how I got known by people in my year.
Another thing was that when I arrived on my first day I got lost, so I went past every corridor in the school and knocked on the wrong classroom doorJL. This happened on the 4th week. My friends and foes – who I hung out with at school this year: I hung around with loads of people e.g. on the playground at break, and at lunch time there is a big group of year 7s in the middle of the playground all I had to do was talk to them. I was in J

16th June
Now I am going to tell you about how to be cool/popular at school. This was an official rule made ages ago. Tips on how to be cool/popular at school: Don’t act paranoid and if you’re a girl, don’t go overboard with makeup or else you will get told off. Also do not follow the most popular pupil around or you will get a nickname and it will stick with you all the way through school so don’t do anything stupid on your first week or so J
One piece of advice about how to survive school: Do not stare anybody who is older than you in the eye or else they will think you are “squaring up to them!! 

29th June.
At the end of year 7 it feels like the start of year 7 was 2 weeks ago, it went so fast. I miss the first couple of days of high school, especially the taster day when we were in form all day playing games and drawing and getting to know each other. My favourite game was murder mystery; it was good because we had to do a quest around school trying to find different teachers who told us …what weapon did the murderer use…who was murdered and where he or she was murdered. Plus it helped us to find our way around school

‘Boys are like dogs, they live in the moment.’

Jemima P-M, 11

22th June 2010

This morning the teacher, Mrs Wilbert got really cross with us and did the whole “ I am so disappointed with you,” routine. Honestly, It wasn’t even us girls! Boys are like dogs, they live in the moment. Girls are more civilised and consider the consequences.

Homework day today. Let me give you a few tips about homework;
1. Do it.
2.  Hand it in on the correct day.
3. Don’t leave it to the last minute, get it out of the way.
With these fantastic tips you should stay on top of boring homework. These tips shouldn’t make you a geek, but you never know what will turn up in the SATS test and it’s best to be prepared.

One of the best things about year six is the residential trips that you get to go on. Well firstly I should warn you, if you are a picky eater you should be prepared. The food isn’t brilliant. Luckily there is a large supply of bread. The scariest thing for me, in my opinion, is definitely the abseiling- you basically climb down a giant rock climbing wall with only a rope or two keeping you up. My advice is, just do it. You’re not going to get the opportunity again.

Year six is an awesome year, so enjoy it!

‘SPLAT down I went.’

Jenna B, 12


This is my Diary of how to survive your first year of school!

1st  Tip... How to avoid EMBARRASSMENT!

Well, as you might know it is very easy to embarrass yourself, it's a lot easier in high school. A lot more people around, A LOT more people to laugh at you!   So whatever you do, don't make any stupid comments or try to act smart because chances are, you’re going to make a fool of yourself – you’re going to do at least 2 things, fall or mess up.  One of those things I have done. Yes I fell... I tried to grab a hold of my friend and she kept moving and SPLAT down I went.  It wasn't just the problem that I fell; I had to fall at the busiest time in the halls. Just as the 1st Period bell rang. Not many people saw, thankfully, but my hands stung, it was very embarrassing. So don't try to act smart and grab a hold of people because: 1, you might miss and grab someone else. Or 2: you'll fall flat on your face!
Or even worse you’ll do both, which will add to the embarrassment of falling.

2nd Tip, Friends and Foes!

The people I have been friends with since start of first year are still my friends to this day!   Never get in with the wrong crowd because once that happens, it's there for life, no erasing it!  You’re stuck with them!    I got off to a rocky start in first year, a lot changed,  no-one was close anymore, we all split up and hardly seen each other, quite upsetting!
 But all the boys stuck together, it was actually the girls who went their separate ways.  No matter how close you were with people in primary school, everything changes.  But if you were as lucky as I was, I managed to keep a few friends from primary and it made school a lot easier for me knowing I had people I knew around me.  Just make sure you keep loyal to friends and you'll be safe.

3rd Tip.  How to stay popular!

The easy way to be popular at school is to be yourself, don't change!  Just stay your mad self and you'll be fine!   Join a few clubs, all the mad clubs and you'll fit right in, (especially at my school, everyone’s mad!)...  You should fit in but if you don't just stay with your own group of friends and everything will go smoothly.  It’s scary moving up from such a small close school to a big school... Don't think you’re the big bad mad lot because when you come up you’re in for a shock!

4th tip/last tip... How to survive school.
  The only way you are going to survive school is if you stay out of peoples way and not bother anyone.  Stick with your friends and believe me you’ll be fine,  just don’t go around thinking you’re a hard man because to be quite honest you’re probably not!   

So apart from that high school is pretty good..  good luck p7’s!

‘Listen up!’

Josh R

Diary Of A Cool Kid
Come on you lot, listen up here is some advice you could get from me.


I just woke up yeah another day at school I don’t like going to school. I bet you don’t either, well I have to anyway. As soon as you arrive at school just be yourself when you get to your class try not to get lost because it will be pretty embarrassing and when you are in your lessons try not to get detention because detention is bad especially when it’s the first term.

‘This girl asked what I was doing in Cheerleading.’

Kai M

Here we go again. The beginning of another boring week at school but I just remembered it was the sports fair today. I did enjoy sports especially when I miss Maths and science! I heaved my heavy bones out of bed and got ready for school. At about 8am my mum dropped me off at the bus stop. I hated catching the bus and I still do.  It’s always crowded, it’s a rush to find a seat and the driver is a lunatic. As I said goodbye to my mum my best friend Charlie walked up to the car. He’s a good mate and is one of those kids who is there when you need him. Finally the bus got here and my mate Lewis still wasn’t there. He always misses the bus he says that being late runs in the family but I don’t believe that. So me and Charlie climbed on the bus without him. Here are a few tips for the future. 1 Never sit at the back of the bus. 2 Don’t sit downstairs because the older kids will have a go at you and finally as soon as you get on the bus sprint upstairs and find a seat. You’ll be surprised how quickly the bus fills up.

We arrived at school just in time so me and Charlie headed to our form room. As soon as we walked through the door we saw Lewis sat on our table looking pretty sad. He didn’t really like sports and to be honest I don’t blame him. After registration, me, Charlie and Lewis ran to the PE block to get changed. The changing rooms were flooded with idiots who kept turning the lights on and off: It was driving me up the wall. After that I asked a teacher where tai kwon do was. He told me it was In the gym. Here’s another bit of advice: don’t always trust teachers because when I went into the gym It turned out that tai kwon do had been moved and that cheerleading was in there instead. I didn’t know until this girl asked what I was doing In Cheerleading. I turned bright red and ran to the PE office.

‘The whole thing is as easy as pie.’

Kelsey, 12


Hi. What I’m going to write about is very, very important for you to understand. I’d read this carefully and take it all in because it is all the information on How to Survive S1.
High School is nothing like Primary. As soon as you get up here you’ll feel like a whole ton has been lifted on you. But don’t worry, you’ll realise it’s a good one. On your first day of high school you will probably feel very, very scared. Your first instinct of the school when you’re walking up towards it will be, “oh…my…God”. You will probably feel worried in case you fall or if anybody judges you or any of the older ones come up and say something. Well you’re wrong. When you’re first walking up the road, you may get a couple of stares but don’t worry, it’s probably because you’re all new and they’re not used to you.
By the time you get in the school building, you’re probably now thinking, “Why was I ever born?” But don’t worry. It’s because you’ve never felt this way before. Because in primary one you were too young to worry about what people think. But now it’s all changing.
The classes are probably one of the best things about High School. I mean, yeah it’s completely different, but I’d say its good different. I mean, don’t you think it was pretty boring staying in the same class with the same teacher?  But here you get chance to breath. You move classes every 50-55 minutes. It’s a different subject every hour.
I suppose most of the teachers are quite good (okay, when I say most I mean just watch out if I were you because one day when you think you’re all cool. Well that’s when the Punishment Exercises come in!) But apart from that I suppose it’s quite enjoyable and could be funny at times too.
 Funny things that have happened to me this year would be doing the school production Hairspray. All the rehearsals where really funny and exciting and every show went out with a bang. One of the funny things that happened was Mrs Paul told us to start with some warm up and started singing this weird song which was a tongue twister and really hard to say. Everybody got so mixed up and just burst out laughing. 
My advice would be is to get involved in things like this. And even if you don’t think you’re talented, you can help backstage. This means you meet lots of people of all ages that will be there for you as that’s what happened with me. Everyone just gets along together and has really good fun.
You’ll meet lots of new friends, mostly people in your register class. Don’t worry about the classes and how much it has changed, I think you’ll enjoy it, I know I do, and some of you will probably like it better than Primary. Oh, and don’t worry if you think you’ll get lost because the building is huge, when you’re here for over a year like me you’ll realise that the whole thing is as easy as pie and a really big part of your life.

I know that most of you obviously want to be popular. Well I say, be yourself and just enjoy as much as you can. Trust me, popularity will be the least of your worries. But don’t be scared about High School, which I know that most of you will be. Just think about the future and how much you will like about High School and you will be fine!

‘Get with the gadgees.’


Vital school rooles
1. Don't be a geek !!!
2. Bee cool
3. Go to the chipper or the shops cuzz the food in school is mingin
4. Don’t be friends with teachers !!
5. Get with the gadgees
6. Don’t wear white socks and black shoes with trousers that are too short for you !!!
7. Wear trackies occasionally
8. Don’t wear pants wear boxers !!
Hope You Survive

‘I was really nervous.’

Kyran R

On Monday I woke up and was really tired and did not want to go to school. It was my first day and I was really nervous but when I looked at my timetable and saw I had double Science and P.E. which were both subjects that I was looking forward to, it almost took my mind off my nerves. As I went out the door I was nervous about getting on the bus as I hardly knew anyone at all. As I approached the bus stop I saw that there were loads of people all stood round in groups.

‘Carrying a bag on one of your shoulders - trust me not cool.’

Leah and Hayley
  • Handling your very first day at primary/secondary school- The people that are reading you know what I am on about, all of us have our worries and fears at primary/ secondary school because it is your first day and you’re not used to it.
  • Adjusting your uniform-I know everyone has parents/guardians and they try to make you all nice looking for school, we are all the ones that don’t like wearing the uniform so we wear something casual like a fancy top/scarf to not look to fancy for school.
  • Locker- People in the school that have lockers are the lazy/weak ones, to not bother walking around with heavy things in their bag but the nightmare is what will your parents do if they lose the key to the locker….
  • Non-uniform day - All of our parents make us wear something that we don’t want to wear for non uniform day, so let me guess most of us don’t like the clothes they put on us so we put on the fashion, go home after school and it is ruined.
  • Being popular- You don’t need to be popular for school because everyone has got their own friends/enemies to like/ dislike.
  • P.E lessons - Everyone makes a mistake at one time or even more, I know everyone laughs at you when you do make a mistake but it can change.
  • Route to School-Walking is the best or even the car when people go to school by bus they act cool just because they have a bus pass but it is different when they lose it.
  • Unwritten school Rules- In our dreams, we would love to make up the school rules but unfortunately we can’t because we need to make the school all nice and clean not with it being a mess.
  • Catchphrases - Everyone doesn’t need a catchphrase because it sounds stupid but anyway everyone practically uses the same.
  • Excuses-Everyone has their own excuse, like my dog ate my Homework ect. How can you come up with that rubbish?
  • What do you do if you’re lost - Easy just find your class mate that is in your next class and follow them, what else would you do wonder about or go home? (I don’t think so)!!
  • Dealing with bullies-I know bullying is a big thing but it depends what it is though, just tell your parents to phone school to tell the teachers to sort it out or even sort it out yourself.
  • Carrying a bag on one of your shoulders-trust me not cool only people do it if they think they are cool (but trust me)!!
  • Never were your shirt tucked in- Yet again not cool, it is physically for nerds or parents/family that embarrass you so much.

‘If you’re a boy you might want to listen up.’

Liam, 12


Ok, for a start, don’t believe all the stories about getting your head flushed down the toilet, that doesn’t happen unless you are big headed and think me, me ,oh and more me. Let’s go over what to wear. I have no idea about the girl’s dress code but if you’re a boy you might want to listen up. Don’t buy your clothes from supermarkets or cheap shops because you’ll get slagged so much on the first day you will even ask your mum if you can wear her clothes. In P.E when you wear T-shirt and shorts and it’s some kind of supermarket make, please do not say it’s only clothes, it just makes it worse.

Now the funny things that have happened in my first year of high school. I used to have a Polish maths teacher and she couldn’t pronounce words very well. One day she said to a pupil, “how did you ken that?” ‘Ken’ is Dundee slang for know. Another funny thing is that when one of my H.E teachers points at you she uses her middle finger as well.

Now things that you should and shouldn’t do in class. Well, for a start, don’t try to be smarter than someone else. Don’t grass someone up (tell on them) because nobody would like you after that.
Let’s get started on the type of groups of people there are. Ok, first there are the smokers who do exactly what it says on the tin and they will ask you for money but don’t give it to them. Right, time for my group, the ‘casuals’. We don’t want to be like anyone else. We’re the people who wear the right clothes and go with the trend. Now for the geeks, all they do is speak about computer games which are not good ones either. And now for the final group, the girls. Well how can I put this nicely… they’re generally pretty thick (stupid).

Now where to go for your dinner. Don’t stay in school like a geek or even go packed lunch because you will get slagged badly and even if you’re not a geek you will get classed as one. All of my mates go to the shop for dinner.

Now I hope this guide will get you all the way through the first year. So if you’re not looking for trouble or you want to have a good first year, stick to this and good luck!

‘What happens, happens.’

Liam B, 12

Survival in School
Before High School
Hi guys, my name’s Liam B, I am in my second year of high school starting from a couple of weeks ago.  I know it might be a little scary coming up to high school but you’ll learn that it’s not much different than primary school. Just don’t think about it much. Put it this way, what happens, happens.
First Day
On the first day you’ll be guided to your classes by someone in 6th year, and the same the next couple of more days.  You will be leaving class early, Yahoo, so you can get your lunch before anyone else, and the same for a couple of more days. Anyway your first day should be pretty fun for yah, well in most classes.
What I like is Art and Music and I hate French like any other 2nd year, this is my opinion so don’t think what I said is what you’re going to like or dislike. Every class you remember from primary will be in high school most likely and more classes, for example Craft/Home Economics (H.E), Computing/Business Studies and more. Look forward to it. You’ll probably have the same people in basically every class, might be your friend, and might be a normal guy you don’t talk to.
You’re sure to make new friends from other schools and even your own, some might be for a while but some might be for a lifetime. Even if you have lots of friends there’s always going to be the people you hate, but don’t fight, just ignore them and you’ll stay out of trouble. Trust me...
You’re sure to have your laughs at break and even at class in high school. There is never a day without laughter. It might be another student or it might be a teacher, it might even be an object like cars, TV and even desks and table. A funny thing I heard went like this, the teacher was talking to the class while sitting on her chair which she fell off of. The students were laughing very hard as from their point of view it looked like she disappeared under her desk.
Most teachers are friendly and make most stuff a joke but there are bad ones as well, ones that get you in trouble for nothing. But don’t always blame the teacher ‘cause it can be our fault by going too far or getting into fights with other students or even swearing at teachers.

‘That would spell DISASTER with a capital D.’

Mark, 13

Hi I’m Mark and I’m going to teach you how to survive First Year. First of all tuck your shirt and tie in, if you don’t you will look very silly. Secondly ALWAYS choose the right crowd, don’t pick a crowd that just isn’t you, Be yourself. Don’t be a Bully because everyone hates bullies so don’t put yourself into that crowd of people. Always respect teachers and don’t argue back or you`ll get a puni eckie and no-one wants that. And if you STILL carry on arguing you`ll get excluded (dun dun dun).

Step 1: Understanding the right crowd
If you have chosen the right crowd, lets take the gamer freaks for instance, you`ll be comfortable with the people you’re with and you`ll understand the topic of the conversations that are taking place. Another tip is to only pick trustworthy friends that you know and can trust. Don’t do what I did and be mates with someone because they’re popular, it ends up going terribly wrong! You can tell which crowd people are from by looking at their attitude towards you and your friends, their attire or clothing, and what they do for fun.

Step 2: Teachers
Now this is the very important part of my guide - Teachers. Be wary about the teachers you have, do NOT underestimate their power over kids. If you ever get in trouble always apologize and take whatever you get. Again, do NOT argue, it always ends up you digging yourself a deeper hole or just aggravating the teacher to a limit where you get excluded again. Not an overall great position to be in. Also check personalities with teachers. Some you can enjoy working with, some you cannot enjoy even being in the same room but if you respect them they will respect you. Like my Music teacher, he could be very nice but very angry too. I thought he was the best teacher ever because we always had fun with him `cause we got to sing at the end of the period.

Step 3: Looking Cool
Here are my tips to looking cool. First of all, wear your bag with one handle over your shoulder, roll the sleeves up on your jumper and let your arms breathe because if your arms are wrapped up you may get sweaty and no-one wants to be honking of sweat when (if you are) asking a girl out that would spell DISASTER with a capital D.

My Funny Moments:

I remember one time in maths we were at I.C.T and someone squashed a melted Malteeser under the mouse. My friend Daniel was the first to touch it and he got squashed, melted Malteeser all over his hand. It was hilarious. We nearly wet ourselves laughing.
Or the time I was playing 40 Buzz (a game like Hide and Seek) with a couple of my friends. I was running when I hit my head on a pole and had a HUGE lump on my head. It was sore but quite funny. We were laughing at it for about a week!
I remember being in science and my teacher brought out this electric thing. He needed a volunteer to hold it and let the electricity flow into their hair and it would stand up. The girl sitting next to me, Alyx, volunteered. When she put her hands on it we watched as her hair reached for the roof. It was very amusing for us and she asked us to take a picture of her and her evil scientist hair (or so I called it.)

Step 4: Equipment
When selecting equipment remember to never let your mother choose your pencils, rubbers, pens or pencil case. Choose them all yourself or you`ll regret it. I remember my mum buying me 3 pink writing pencils, a purple rubber and a ‘Skater Boy’ pencil case. I wasn’t too chuffed about it so my mum took them back and got some more male-like equipment (thank God for that!). When setting your pencil case and other items onto the desk, make them look neat on the table, 1: because it’s cool, and 2: things are easier to keep an eye on.

Step 5: Asking a girl out
If you know a girl and think that she likes you and you like her, ask her out. But remember to:
1: Wear deodorant so you don’t stink like a wet gym sock, yeugh!
2: Be confident. If you sound like you’re going to faint she`ll think you’re fibbing.
3: Always make sure that you definitely want to go out with them and that you and her have compatible personalities or it will go down like half a ship trying to sail across the sea!
4: Always get her a card on Valentine’s Day just because it’s what you have to do.

Cheers for reading my Blog over and out!

‘On your first day at school do not sit in someone else’s chair.’

Mark S

It is a boring day at school because I get beat up for sitting in someone’s chair or sitting in the wrong place on the bus.
On your first day at school do not sit in someone else’s chair. On the bus, it is good if you get on last because you can sit in an empty seat without sitting in someone else’s seat.
When I first went to secondary school I sat on a table with one of my friends from primary school and one I just met at secondary.

‘Skool Rooles. (Well ones that aren’t already created)’


When a teacher says “stop it or a detention!” really do it ‘cause they really mean it.
-If  you accidentally break something in technical  or anywhere else don’t try to fix it cause it only gets worse, believe me!. Just run away!
-DON’T wear ties, tuck you shirt in or wear shorts. It really doesn't look cool!
 -If you are unintentionally late for class after lunch or before school always blame it on the bus or a big queue.
-Don’t pour water or any liquid on the dining table cause the dinner ladies don’t like it in fact they hate it.
-Don’t be afraid of scary teachers they’re really just big softies!

‘If you need directions to a class, do not ask kids because they WILL send you the wrong way.’

Molly-Anne, 13

The First Day
Well, my first day wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, thank God. I thought I was going to see loads of First years walking around the school with wet heads because before we came to high school, people were threatening to bog wash us. But no-one was.
I was confused about finding my way, I even got lost trying to find my way from the front door to the Ambition Hall and that is saying something. Luckily for us, there were seniors there for taking us to our classrooms.
The first day was a Monday so first I had Home Economics, then I had Art, then Geography, the had Science. After lunch I had Drama and last period I had Maths (what a wonderful way to end your first day…NOT!!!)

In H.E the teacher made a fruit salad and let everyone in the class try it, it was actually very nice. In Art we designed our front covers for our folders! Geography and Science were boring and then so was Maths, but drama was pretty good. We played drama games and it was funny!!

Christmas Time
It was Christmas nearly and I was in a group called QC2 (Quality Contact 2) We were making a Christmas grotto and one of the boys volunteered to be Mrs Claus just before I did so I ended up being Santa Claus. It was finally time to get into character and I lost my beard so I was running around school looking for it. I was going past classes with people in them and they saw I was Santa so they would not stop teasing me right up to the Christmas holidays. I thought it was quite funny!

Fashion show
The fashion show was a little while after we returned after the Christmas holidays and my brother was a model. My CDT teacher was kinda running the fashion show and she kept trying to get people from our class to model, so I said I would!

When it came to the night, I was walking on the catwalk and my shoes didn’t fit me. I had to fit socks in the back of my shoes but they fell out on the way to the catwalk from the changing rooms. I couldn’t walk!

My advice to anyone coming up to first year is, don’t take notice to anyone making fun of you or telling you that they are going to bog wash you. If you need directions to a class, do not ask kids because they WILL send you the wrong way.

28th June


Nia D and Rhys S, 12 and 11

Today this was the first day of school. It started off quite badly when my little sister, Emily, hid my school bag. I found it twenty minutes later, behind the toilet. From there, it went from bad, to WORSE. I was half an hour late for school,  and my embarrassing mum drove me there. Her car was pink, with  these little kittens on the side. As I was walking up the steps to the school building, she ran up to me and said,
“You forgot your lunch, Sweetie!”
And if this wasn’t bad enough, she gave me a big kiss on the forehead.

My first lesson was P.E. And it was Gymnastics. I normally have my own stuff, but money was tight, so I had to wear my big brother, Jake’s hand –me-down gym kit.  It was only when I was doing Star Jumps, that I noticed everyone staring and sniggering. At first I thought it was my star jumps, but then I turned around and saw a HUGE hole that was showing my pants! And just my luck, they were my very old dog and cat patterned ones! My face burning red, I ran to the changing rooms, only to find ALL  of my gym shorts were holed. Take it from me, NEVER  agree to wear your big brother’s hand-me-downs.


I went to the cafeteria, and saw that a food fight was in full swing. I just about managed to dodge a pizza flying my way. Well, after all the incidents that’s happened today, I decided to act cool and get in the thick of the fight. Problem was, the Deputy head  came in just as I threw a pretty big piece of cake at my friend Josh, and it hit the Deputy right in her face, smearing all her make up. Well I think I’ll leave it at that, Let’s just say  you DON’T  wanna get detention on the first day of school.  Especially not a week’s worth.


In my maths lesson , we got a test from Mr Thomson gave us a test on how much we already knew. BIG problem. I don’t remember much about it.
Why should I bother remembering stuff I’m going to learn all over again? I got a  D-. Unfair. Sure, I guessed most of them.  And  guess what? I got the hiccoughs. And loud ones at that. I tried to cover them up, but Mr Thompson yelled at me , and , because it was  a test I  couldn’t explain. So that earned me another week’s detention, on top of the Deputy’s.  Just my luck. If you want my advice, don’t eat your food fast before taking a test.

End Of School.

On the way out of school, I accidentally kicked my ball into a big tree. I had to climb up to get it. But as I was climbing, my shirt snagged on a branch and ripped right off. I had no choice but to go down. I couldn’t cover up, or I would fall. Everyone in the school was looking. None of the buses had left yet.
People in their houses and on the streets were staring at me and only me. Everyone was laughing and pointing. Note to self: NEVER climb a tree with a polo shirt again. I had to run home in only my trousers and shoes.
The first to see me was my brother. I know he’ll hold it over my head forever. I put on a clean T-shirt. Mum and Dad weren’t home yet, but I don’t know what they’ll say. After that, I decided to write in this diary.

‘Remember: teachers are from another planet and sometimes don’t understand humans.’

Patrick M, 11

Monday 21stJune 2010

Cycling Proficiency
A tip for a year sixer. Never, never, never, never, never , I repeat NEVER forget your bike on a cycling proficiency day. If you do, I’m sorry I can’t help you, you are going to die.  Remember: teachers are from another planet and sometimes don’t understand humans. Today, poor old Ruardih forgot his helmet and was excluded from the course.

Dealing with girls

Girls are also from another planet, just not the same one as teachers. They are very much alike though because girls and teachers do not find sudden outbursts of wind breaking funny. Be confident around them and don’t look like you’re trying to impress them. It also helps to play a sport, any sport is good. But football, Rugby and cricket are the best.


I am the ultimate guru in coolness ( Hey who threw that!!) and I will tell you how to be cool. If you want to be cool, then don’t suck up to the teacher, but don’t hate them either. Getting told off is not the cool part, It’s how you show what it makes you feel. If you show that you are really upset when you get told off for touching the teachers favourite paper waste basket, then that is seriously not cool. Say sorry and tell them that you won’t do it again, then make fun of them behind their back. The secret to coolness is… well I haven’t figured that out yet.


Homework is hard and you need to learn how to deal with it. You should learn your spellings and do your homework. If you do it all on the first day, then you have more time to show off your coolness and get more friends and girl admirers. There’s really nothing else to say about homework apart from hand it in on time.

Hanging out

If you hang out with the popular people you will be popular. Here are the groups in my class

Girly : Alex, Xanthe, Katie, Chloe, Isobel and Bea

Footies : Charlie, Remi, Daniel and Christian

Rockers : Sam, Me, Marcus  and Rupert

Gamers: Max, Charlie B, Ruardih, George and Andrew

F.O.J : Felix, Olivia, Jemima

Others : Everyone I have not mentioned

Cool Things

PS3’s are seriously not cool. If you are going to get a games console, then reconsider and get an X box. However if your favourite games console is a PS3 then do not boast about it. PS3’s are not cool.



So this guide has told you how to survive at school. Have fun, this is your last year of primary school and the best. Goodbye and remember, DON’T GET A PS3!!!!


Rae-Anne M

Another bad start to the week: I’m bound to get chased or bullied today because it always happens on a Monday. It’s happened ever since my first day of school...
The first day I had at school was the worst day of my life. I was walking into school with my big sister and I was very excited, until my sister left me in my class and I did not know anybody. I was frightened, and cried. That is the worst thing you could do when you start secondary school. The second thing you must never do is help a teacher at the end of a lesson, and never wear a keener collar.

‘…some random thing out of lost property that smells weird.’


Basic stuff
My name is Robert. When I moved up to first year I thought I would not make a lot of friends in high school but I did make a lot of friends. Some were new, most were old.

Problems/ funny things
The funniest thing that happened to me in high school is that instead of P.E kit I brought pyjamas. I had to borrow a school P.E kit. This was pretty embarrassing as everyone knows it’s some random thing out of lost property that smells weird. But better than my pajamas I suppose…

Funny Teachers
I have had crazy teachers like my H.E teacher for example. She points in a funny kind of way. But the funniest of all was my old Maths teacher, she always said, “excuse me guys.” Last of all, my English Teacher once told me about her crazy ex-hippy art teacher who crawled into the middle of the table and said, “You can draw me now,” and started meditating, that was strange. The point is you will meet a lot of strange teachers in secondary and a lot of smart ones too.

There are lots of bullies at high school but the best thing to do is ignore them and get on with school. The work is more important than the bullies but if it goes on non-stop then go to a teacher.

That’s all in this guide but I forgot to mention this one thing. When you first come up to high school, and I am not talking about the two day visit, don’t panic. People will help you find your classes and you will get out early for break, lunch and after school.

‘A wandering soul in the social wilderness known as high school.’

Ross, 13

It was my first day at high school but I wasn’t really bothered. My sister had gone to this school and didn’t come out severely traumatised so I thought I would be ok. It was just another usual morning except a longer walk to school when we got there. I really found out how it was to be the little fish in the big pond and how easy it was to get lost in what is such an easy place right now. 

I had a little bit of know-how because I knew to keep my head down and just keep walking, trying not to get in anyone’s way.  But of course you have the social groups, you have the streetwise kids who you and they know won’t stay on until 6th year, the geeks who talk about nothing but computers, you have the athletic kids who stay out of everyone else’s way except their own but I’m one of the kids who drifts from group to group. Oh I almost forgot about a group - the smoking group who just prefer their own company.  So my tip to you is pick a group and stay with it unless you want to be a wandering soul in the social wilderness known as high school.

Here is a list of funny things that has happened to me in my first year of high school. First of all it was funny to me but I don’t know if you have the same kind of humour as me.  The first thing was in Art, we used these syringes which put a clay pattern on our clay fish models, so one time when one of my mates was using them the liquid squirted on my face. The second one is on one of our activity days where we did no work. Me and my two mates put our names down to do football all day and while being told the rules because it was inside, the teacher told us that the ball wasn’t allowed to hit the roof so he volleyed it up. It hit the roof and came down and into the basketball net. Really, the rest of the year was very serious.


‘It was the most scary thing of my life.’

Sam B


I woke up to another day but not an ordinary day.
I was starting a new school and I was very nervous because I was new. It was a quarter way though the year, this meant I was going to have
no friends. It was 8:45 and I was just about to meet my new friends. It was the most scary thing of my life.

‘Don’t try to be a know–it-all because that’s not cool, it’s just annoying.’

Sarah, 12

28th June 2010

Hi, my name’s Sarah and this is my first year survival blog. You choose what to do in first year but I thought I would spread a couple of my tips so you can get a clear idea of what first year is all about!  Now that I’m in second year, I know exactly what tips you need to survive in first year:

  • The school looks big at first but when you get used to it, it’s not as big as it looks.
  • Always do your homework on time, if you don’t you’ll have punnys flying at you left, right and centre
  • School uniform is a must because:

A – You get sent home if you’re not wearing it.
B – Teachers are asking you all day why you’re wearing “non-uniform”.
C – It’s not worth it.
Funny things
School has been funny all year long. There hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t laughed. I remember teachers falling over, people embarrassing themselves and most of all, just having a good time with friends. High school is so much better than primary school when you want it to be and if you make the most of it you will probably never go to school without laughing that day.
My tip is: When you try to enjoy yourself you will!
Friends and Foes
One of the best things about going up to high school is meeting new people. I have made 3 new best friends that went to schools nowhere near mine.  The bad thing is that you might meet some people that you don’t particularly like. My new best friends are always with me and it’s so much fun being with them because they are all really, really, really funny! Make sure you make a few friends at high school so that when one of them is off you will have someone to talk to.
My tip is: Just stay away from the people you don’t get along with.

Tips on how to be cool/popular:
Now I’m going to give a few tips on how to be cool/popular when you go up to high school. Here they are:

  • Speak to everyone, not just people you already know because you meet new people which equals new friends.
  • To meet people, join clubs and don’t be afraid to get involved.
  • Don’t try to be a know–it-all because that’s not cool, it’s just annoying.
  • And finally, the most important one, NEVER try to impress people when you know they aren’t interested because you will just be making a complete fool of yourself!

Finally, I am going to give you 1 piece of advice on how to survive school in first year:


‘The Guide to Awesomeness.’

Sarah R

Every kid has to go to high school sometime, so you need to know how to stay cool, calm and collected! And, of course, the guide to awesomeness is here to help.
Ugh, here we go again. A new school year=a new set of fresh hell, but its totally gonna be different this year, I’m going to start high school, and it doesn’t really seem to be as awesome as you think. There are giant six-formers and black jumpers... and worst of all... teachers.
Here I am, and I must say, it’s not so bad. The teachers are really nice and the coach journey wasn’t too awful, until some black jumper came up to me and said that I was in his seat. I said no, and got into a massive fight, so I am starting my year with a black eye. And so rule number 1: never sit at the back and ALWAYS give up your seat to a black jumper, always, always, always.

Now, finally we are moments away from the home bell, I never thought that I would say this, but I kinda like it here …

‘Black shoes white socks… is a big caps locked NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it looks horrible’

Scott and Cameron

“Hey all Scott and Cameron here and we’re gonna give you a guide on how to survive at big school,”

How to handle your first day at big school

Rule 1: don’t start a fight…. Trust me. DON’T
Rule 2: Avoid neds… they hate newbie’s and won’t hesitate to punch you.
Rule 3: Get a rep… a good one that people will know you for.
Rule 4: personality is key always give yourself either a funny, friendly, athletic or just a normal guy
Rule 5: DON’T BE A LONER no one likes loners hence why they’re loners.
Rule 6: Always be with a friend and find out who no one likes and try to avoid them… there is 1 in every school

Unwritten school rules
Rule 1: Don’t be a grass
Rule 2: Don’t be a geek!
Rule 3: Don’t join geeky clubs (Chess and stuff)
Rule 4: Don’t eat at school
Rule 5: Never hang out with geeks and stuff seriously
Rule 6: Always keep your reputation so people know who you are

How to adjust your uniform to be kool.
This is important, take notes if you must.
Rule 1: avoid halfies (these are trousers that don’t cover your whole leg)
Rule 2: avoid belts proper shoes shades anything fancy.
Rule 3: Always follow your schools code (every school has 1) everyone is expected to wear this… or else to be hones
Rule 4: Black shoes white socks… is a big caps locked NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it looks horrible (im guilty for this)
Rule 6: don’t wear ties…

What to wear on non uniform days
Rule 1: wear trackys or jeans just if you wear trackys don’t be mixed in with neds
Rule 2: Never wear halfys
Rule 4: Wear socks… Cameron’s golden rule
Rule 5: Don’t come in your pyjamas you’ll look weird -_-

Thanks for reading this info cya all around

‘JUST CANT BE BOTHERED WITH HOMEWORK? Say that you had it in your bag and you had swimming so it got ruined.’


How To Get Away with not doing Homework :)
If you can’t be bothered to do school homework leave your jotter in class and say to the teacher that you couldn't do your homework because she had your jotter.

Summer Holidays homework?.. Say that you were on holiday and you took it on a plane to do it you and left it on plane so that’s why you cant do it!:)

Weekend homework?....say that you were at your grandmas, grandas, aunties etc and say that  you left it there.

You had it in your bag and you had swimming so it got ruined.:)

1.Write a note saying my son/daughter had the dentist/optician etc. so that is why she was late she will return soon BUT get one of your mates to sign it because they will know your writing.
2.say the bus was late
3.Say your mum was ill and you had to stay with her until she felt better
4.Say that your hamster or gerbil got lost or something like that and say that you had to go and find it because it would eat everything.

Are you not popular?...
There’s only one really good tip for this…