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Dolphin in a water tank being fed by a boy, a man is holding the dolphin up

Teacher's Notes

These activities are designed to be completed in class, or at home as a fun ‘homework’ project.


English Speaking and Listening
Having carried out this activity, pupils will:

  • Focus on the main points
  • Remember specific points that interest them
  • Listen to others’ reactions
  • Take turns in speaking
  • Use language and actions to explore and convey situations, characters and emotions


Science: Life Processes and Living Things
Pupils will be taught:

  • That animals move and feed
  • That animals need shelter, food and water to stay alive
  • How to treat animals with care and sensitivity
  • About the senses that enable animals to be aware of the world around them
  • To find out about the different kinds of animals in the local environment
  • To care for the environment


Personal, social and health education / Citizenship: Preparing to play as active roles as citizens
Pupils will be taught what improves and harms their local, natural and built environments and about some of the ways people look after them.
Science / Geography - Sustainable Development
Caring for living things in their environment.
Art and Design: Investigating and making art, craft and design
Pupils will be taught to represent observations, ideas and feelings, and design and make images and artifacts.
ICT: Developing ideas and making things happen
Pupils will be taught:
  • To use text, tables, images and sound to develop their ideas
  • How to select from and add to information they have retrieved for particular purposes