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Furry Vengeance

Teachers' Notes

These activities are designed to be completed in class, or at home as a fun 'homework' project. More classroom and homework activities can be found on the accompanying poster.

This resource is suitable for children between the ages of 5 – 11 years. Here are some general guidelines on how each activity fits into the curriculum:

Trailer Activity

English Speaking and Listening

Having carried out this activity, pupils will:

Furry Facts and Make a Dwelling

Science: Life Processes and Living Things

Pupils will be taught:

Science: Materials and their Properties

Make a Poster

Personal, Social and Health Education / Citizenship

Preparing to play active roles as citizens.

Pupils will be taught what improves and harms their local, natural and built environments and about some of the ways people look after them.

Art and Design

Investigating and making art, craft and design

Pupils will be taught to represent observations, ideas and feelings, and design and make images and artifacts.


Developing ideas and making things happen

Pupils will be taught:

Please note, any posters / animal dwelling designs created can be printed using the 'print page' option.

Thank you very much for using this resource.
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