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The Kite Runner


Behind the Story

'The Kite Runner' has many different layers, these include political policy and tribal and religious dimensions. To help to under these elements, Film Education spoke with Adbul-Rehman Malik Contributing Editor from Q News to help us understand the context behind the story. Q News is Britain's leading Muslim magazine, providing outside-the-box analysis of current affairs, culture, ideas and spirituality.

To listen to Abdul's answers click on the speaker icon for each question.

Q: What would life have been like in Afghanistan before the Soviet invasion?

Abdul Rehman-Malik: It's important to understand that Afghanistan plays an interesting role in global affairs... listen (2.3mb)

Q1: After the Soviet invasion what was life like for everyday people?

Abdul Rehman-Malik: For everyday people, to the Afghans, this would have been a front, Afghan history has never been kind to foreign occupiers... listen (2.1mb)

Q2: During the film we see Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban. How did they come to power, and what do they believe in (with particular reference to the stoning scene in the Stadium)?

Abdul Rehman-Malik: To understand that particular scene in the movie we need to understand what happened after the Soviets left... listen (3.0mb)

Q3: Hassan is regularly referred to as a Haraza boy - this is meant as a term of abuse. Why is this?

Abdul Rehman-Malik: The issues of the Haraza are in fact fascinating within Afghanistan. But its important to give a little bit of background...listen (3.1mb)

Q4: The cold war connects the U.S. and Amir's father via a hatred for the Russians (think back to the scene in the bar after Amir graduates) can you explain the relationship?

Abdul Rehman-Malik: When the Russian army entered Afghanistan at the end of 1979, then US President Jimmy Carter called it the greatest crisis, political crisis since the Second World War... listen (2.2mb)