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Me and Orson Welles

Medium shot of two actors on stage, facing each other

Orson Welles (Christian McKay) onstage opposite Richard Samuels (Zac Efron).

Teachers' Notes

This educational website features study materials and film clips designed to stimulate debate, discussion and reflection on Orson Welles, Shakespeare, performance, theatrical production and filmmaking. This resource is accompanied by a 34 minute Study DVD which you can order through this website.

Addressing core elements of learning in English, Media, Film and Theatre Studies, the materials are most suitable for students aged 14-18. They aim to:

  • look at both the construction of the film itself from the point of view of narrative and themes
  • consider the importance of Shakespeare as a cultural icon
  • consider the approaches to a drama text that both film and theatre directors can take and how these decisions might affect the presentation of the text on both the stage and on screen
  • show how performers, designers and directors communicate meaning to an audience
  • develop an understanding of how a play relates to its historical, social and cultural context
  • look at the connections between theory and practice demonstrated through a range of forms, genres and performance styles
  • examine the directorial overview required in the interpretation and realisation of a theatrical performance
  • explore performance and/or production skills appropriate to the creation and realisation of drama and theatre
  • develop the ability of students to think independently, make judgements and refine their work in the light of research
  • develop the ability to analyse the ways in which different performance and production elements are brought together to create both film and theatre

Released 4 December 2009
Certificate 12A

Visit the official Me & Orson Welles site