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Skin: Learning Resource by Film Education

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Skin is a new film due to be released July 2009.  It concerns the compelling and moving tale of Sandra Laing, born in 1955 to white Afrikaner parents in South Africa.  Thanks to the chance combination of her parents’ genes, Sandra was dark-skinned , had thick curly hair and black-African features.  None of this would have mattered very much in a different time or place, but in the South Africa of half-a century ago Sandra’s appearance was hugely controversial.  Skin follows Sandra’s thirty-year journey from rejection to acceptance, betrayal to reconciliation, as she struggles to define her place in a changing world — and triumphs against all odds.

These materials are designed to complement the film drawing out some of its many potential benefits as a teaching resource not only of great value to media and English groups but also as the launch pad for history, citizenship, PSHE and science lessons focused on genetics.  We hope you will find these ideas of interest and that they enrich you and your students’ enjoyment and appreciation of the film when it is released. The film’s World Premiere will be held at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2008.

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