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Star Trek Educational Resource

This website is the first of three FREE educational resources which focus on the forthcoming film 'STAR TREK', opening in cinemas across the UK on May 8, with paid previews on May 7, 2009.

In addition to this site Film Education will also be producing two posters and an interactive educational CD-ROM . If you are on the Film Education mailing list then these will be sent to you automatically. If not then please register your interest and the resources will be mailed to you FREE OF CHARGE in the coming weeks.

The resources look at genre, mise en scène and film framing.


Information and tasks examine:

  • ways in which film companies make us aware that a film is about to open in cinemas
  • how film companies give us a narrative image of the film

Interactive CD-Rom

Interactive tasks examine:

  • story construction within both the science fiction and the action adventure genre
  • ideas of mise en scène
  • the ways in which meaning is created through the configuration and construction of various filmic elements
  • the ways in which we interpret film through various camera positions and framings – the aesthetics of filmmaking


  • Mise en scène
  • Camera shots and angles

The study materials are aimed at students of Film, Media and English in the 14-18 age group.

Official Star Trek website