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In Zookeeper, the animals at the Franklin Park Zoo love their kindhearted caretaker, Griffin Keyes. Finding himself more comfortable with a lion than a lady, Griffin decides the only way to get a girl in his life is to leave the zoo and find a more glamorous job. The animals, in a panic, decide to break their time-honoured code of silence and reveal their biggest secret: they can talk! To keep Griffin from leaving, they decide to teach him the rules of courtship – animal style!

This website has been created to be used in conjunction with Film Education's Zookeeper wallchart and educational CD-Rom with interactive Literacy and Science focused activities for use in the classroom, ICT suite, Assembly Hall and for homework.

NB: A Teachers Scheme of Work is also available, showing how these activities and those on the disc address aspects of the Literacy and Science curricula at Key Stage 2.


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Trailer transcript

Hey, what's that?

- It says, "Will you marr..."
- Will you marry me?

- No.
- Really?

I know it shouldn't bother me that you're a zoo keeper but...

- ..it kinda does.
- Really?

(narrator) Five years later, the world's most devoted zookeeper...

Donald, let's move you out of the sun.

..is getting a second chance.

- I hope I don't make you uncomfortable. - I'm not uncomfortable. So comfortable.

- Ow! - Oh, my God!

No, it's fine, it's fine. I got it. Oh... Oh... God, it's barbed.

OK, so hey, how you doin'?

Gotta get out of this zoo.

(narrator) Now the animals of the Franklin Park Zoo will have to do the unthinkable.

- Griffin, we need to talk. - (screams)

Oh, crud.

How long have you been able to talk?

Let's see. Today's Tuesday, so um... always.

You're the best zoo keeper we ever had.

We don't want you to leave.

You listen to us. We'll show you how to get the girl.

- Should I just maybe ask her out?
- (all laugh)

All right now, slow it down, hotshot.

- You need to unlock your inner bear.
- (growls)

- No. No.
- Roar. (roars)

- (roars)
- That's good! There you go!


- D'you mind if I ask you a question?
- Anything.

Is TGI Friday's as incredible as it looks?

It's pretty good.

Ha! Ha!

Row, row, row!


Oh! Not cool!

The best way to attract a female is to be seen with another female.

(woman) Did you know the female eagle is attracted to the male

that can fly the highest?

Oh.... Agghhh!

- ♪ Get your apple-bottom jeans
- ♪ Jeans

- ♪ Boots with the fur
- ♪ Fur

Shut... up.