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A Crude Awakening

Clip Activity

The two clips selected here highlight important issues about the state of the World's oil reserves.

Watch the trailer here.

Clip 1 (US) (2:24 mins)

The clips connect different governments covering at least a 30-year span.

Still image from A Crude Awakening, of a meter on an oil pump, measuring the flow of oil in barrels

  • Oil is a political matter. Would you agree that telling the truth about it is difficult? Or do politicians have a moral responsibility to tell the truth about dwindling resources?
  • Do you think it is possible that the government may not have known about issues around the exhaustible nature of oil?

Clip 2 (UK) (1:06 mins)

The North Sea's oil reserve has made a huge difference to the UK.

  • What do you think are the implications of becoming an importer of oil?
  • This clip raises a paradox about the discovery and exploitation of oil. What does this mean for the UK?

Together these clips suggest not just national issues but global problems. How have the individual governments highlighted in the clips above responded to the problems? How important do you think an international approach to the oil crisis is?