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A Crude Awakening

Trailer Activity

The function of a trailer is to encourage people to see the film. The trailer does this by providing us with information about the content of the film. It gives us an 'image' of the story that will be told - the film.

Still image from A Crude Awakening, of a disued petrol pump, next to a large pile of old tyres

Look at the trailer (2:00 mins) for the film A Crude Awakening and think about the following points:

  • How would you describe the mood of the trailer?
  • How is this achieved?
  • What are your expectations of the film based on this?
  • How does the editing change the pace of the trailer? Is it a constant, evenly paced piece for example? To what effect?
  • Other than footage from the documentary how are we, as an audience, being encouraged to see it?