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The idea of the film

There are several elements to a marketing campaign for a film, from the trailer itself to posters in the street or on public transport, to online and viral marketing. The marketing campaign is designed to raise audience awareness and interest in a film in advance of, and during, its cinema release.

As well as using genre to gain our interest, marketing campaigns must also show us how a new film is different to others in the same genre: this is known as the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the film.

The USP is what separates one film title from another released at a similar time or within the same genre. The USP could be many things, for example:

A trailer will often be structured around the most appealing aspects of a film, disregarding the conventional narrative order. For example, you might see a funny moment taken from the ending of a comedy near the beginning of the trailer for that film, or a selection of clips chosen to attract the widest possible audience, such as a romantic clip in the trailer for an action film. Some trailers will aim to provide a basic narrative structure to guide us through the film’s storyline.

The Chariots of Fire trailer

Firstly, watch the trailer through twice before you answer these questions.

Trailer transcript

("Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis)

We are here today to honour the legend...

..and remember those few young men...

..with hope in their hearts...

..and wings on their heels.

I can't wait.