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The live experience

Many of us will be watching the Olympics on television at home. But how does this differ from actually being there?

We listen to music at home and might watch a concert on television. How does this differ from hearing music live at a concert?

In the same way, many of us watch films on DVD at home. But how does this experience differ from watching a film in the cinema?

One answer to these questions might be that in the case of actually being at an event surrounded by other people makes us react differently to what we see and what we feel.


Have you ever been to a sporting event? A concert? We think you have probably been to the cinema.

So what do you think are the differences between the experiences of watching something at home and of actually being in an environment surrounded by other people? In particular, think about the experience of watching a film on the big screen as opposed to at home on television.

Video transcript


Gentlemen, would you draw back, please?
Away from the course. Thank you.

Mr Abrahams, your position, please.

Owing to the absence
of any other challenger,

- Mr Abrahams will run alone.
- (man) Not so, Mr Starter!

- Your name and college, please, sir.
- Lindsay. I race beside my friend here.

We challenge in the name
of Repton, Eton and Caius.

(all cheer)

- I didn't know you ran.
- Nor I you.

Some chap told me about this shindig.
I thought I'd come and push you along.

- Delighted.
- Splendid.

Good luck.

Gentlemen, to your marks, if you please.

Now remember, on the first strike of 12.

(clock chimes)

(first strike of 12)

Come on!

Come on, stay with it!

Run harder! Come on!

- Come on!
- (crowd) Six!

- Seven!
- (man) Get those legs working!

(crowd) Eight!

(man) Lengthen your stride!
Keep going.

(crowd) Nine!

Go on! Go on, Harry!

(all cheer)

Did they both do it?