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The Kite Runner

Teacher's notes

Still image from The Kite Runner, Amir and his father embrace

The Kite Runner spans a significant period in Afghan history from before the Soviet invasion to the most recent incarnation of the Taliban. The narrative follows Amir as he grows up in the increasingly dangerous Afghanistan. We see the friendship between Amir and Hassan change, and eventually change forever as Amir and his father leave Afghanistan.

Through the film we get a window on a society that is most often seen on news reports. The everyday life of Afghani people from different social background are an important aspect of the film, these relationships between different groups plays a significant part in the way that the narrative progresses.

The resource is aimed at English students studying the novel as well as students of Citizenship, Film and Media Studies.

These are the areas covered on this site:

Pleasures in Viewing and Writing

Structures - A Look at Plot, Story and Structure
Interpretations of the Text