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Still image from the film, 1 boy runs from another in a busy street, in which a large crowd watches them.

Looking back at the work that you completed on genre, it is worth looking at one such genre in order to explore the ideas of themes within the story of 'The Kite Runner'.

If we take the key example of the detective story, then we can say that most detective stories deal with themes of terror, guilt, violence, betrayal and mystery. These themes run through most detective stories.


Look at the other two themes listed below. What themes are common to films within each of these genres?

You might repeat certain of the themes that occur in detective stories. For example, you might say that betrayal is a theme of love stories and that violence occurs in war stories. Try to come up with as many themes as possible for each genre.

When you have completed the task start to think about how these themes are dealt with in the story of 'The Kite Runner'.

In the spaced below type what you think are the themes of the film. Next to each theme you should write down at least two incidents from the film that illustrate that theme.

Incident in 'The Kite Runner'