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Legend of the Guardians Educational Resource

Main characters: Soren, Digger, Eglantine, Gylfie, Twilight, Kludd, Nyra, Metalbeak
Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Burrowing Owl - Digger

Digger joins Soren and Gylfie when they find him in the Desert of Kuneer.

Burrowing Owl Essentials:

  • Burrowing owls move into abandoned burrows previously dug by badgers or other mammals. If an empty burrow is not available, Burrowing owls can use their beaks and feet to dig their own burrows
  • Unlike most other owls, Burrowing owls are most active during the day
  • Owlets use a rattling noise to warn predators such as foxes or coyotes away from their burrows. The predators think the rattling sound is a rattlesnake and keep away