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Made in Dagenham

Clip analysis


How do we know we are watching a British film?

Depending on genre, British films may follow certain conventions of mise en scène, character types, situations, rituals, and icons. They may also present British social norms, values and institutions in a similar way. Arguably, it is these elements of British cinema that help to create an idea of what Britishness means.

  1. Watch the clip and discuss how you think the film represents recognisable elements of Britishness through dialogue, comedy and the depiction of:
    • Class
    • Character roles
    • Family unit
    • Gender representation
    • Britain in the 1960s
  2. How is a feeling of Britishness depicted through mise en scène? Discuss the set design, costume, colour and lighting. Do any of these elements conform to our expectations of what Britain was like in the 1960s? Explain where your expectations might come from.
  3. Discuss other films, TV programmes and media images that represent Britain in the 1960s. What were they and are these images similar or different to the ones on the clip?
  4. Do you think the clip establishes a representation of 1960s Britain that is accurate? Explain your answer.