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Made in Dagenham

Representing Britain

Many producers of British films are concerned with creating an image of Britain onscreen. At the same time, audiences tend to have certain expectations for British films in terms of narrative, genre and style. Your study of Made in Dagenham will help you explore whether you think British film has a 'national identity'. Use the following questions to focus discussion about the concept of Britishness in film:

In pairs, talk through the following questions about your understanding of the terms 'British' and 'Britishness'.

  1. Which of the below would you consider to be more 'British'?
    • a Hollywood film starring Hugh Grant
    • a Carry On film
    • a James Bond Film
    • a heritage costume drama
    • a realist film set on a council estate
    Do you associate any stereotypes with these productions?
  2. What do you consider to be the differences between a British-produced film and a film that represents Britain?
  3. What appeal do you think Made in Dagenham might have to audiences in other countries? Do you think this overseas appeal would apply to all British-produced films? Explain your answer.