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Made in Dagenham

Primary sources

What was the position and status of British women in the late 1960s?

To get a fuller picture of this period in history, you will now investigate some accounts from the time. Primary sources provide us with insight into historical events as seen by people living through them. Be aware of their origins and what they tell us about the interpretation of events by whoever has created them. As you undertake your research, you must keep a research diary. Note down the date of your work, the details of each source you use and your main findings from that source. At the end of your enquiry, you will submit your research diary to your teacher with your presentation and together they will form part of your teacher's assessment of your work.

Research the following questions using the web links to primary sources below:

  • How were British women discriminated against in the 1960s and early 1970s?
  • How did social class affect British women's position and status?
  • What factors led to changes in the role of British women?