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Made in Dagenham

Women's rights


The fight for equal pay is the central focus of Made in Dagenham but other types of discrimination against women are also hinted at in the film. This clip shows a Union meeting with the management at Ford Dagenham attended by Rita and Connie representing the women machinists, alongside their convenor, Albert and their fulltime officer, Monty.

As you view the clip, try to notice how the filmmaker conveys the women's status at the meeting, and how this status develops in the scene. Use these questions to focus your viewing:

  • Watch the first 54 seconds of the clip. How do the dialogue and camerawork create a sense of Rita's role in the meeting up until this point?
  • What does Rita's contribution to the meeting suggest about her beliefs and values?
  • What does this clip suggest about the role of women in society in the late 1960s?

For discussion

Made in Dagenham is set in 1968. From your general knowledge, talk through these questions with a partner:

  • Based on your perception of women's status from this clip, how much do you think has changed for British women since 1968? Think about the experiences of the women you know: mothers, aunties, older sisters, neighbours, teachers and family friends.
  • How much do you know about the rights of women around the world today?

Women's rights