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Filming Shakespeare

Romeo & Juliet

Film Education’s Romeo and Juliet resource is designed to offer students a historical perspective on filmmakers’ interpretations of this tragic love story. The pack contains a DVD of film extracts and a CD-ROM of teaching resources, complemented by a special Online Resource which guides students towards a critical viewing of Baz Lurhmann’s 1996 adaptation.

Extracts have been carefully selected from four film versions of the play with the intention of highlighting the significance of historical, social and technological influences on each production. Featuring film versions from 1905 (Vitagraph), 1936 (George Kukor), 1954 (Renato Castellani) and 1968 (Franco Zeffirelli) this resource encourages comparisons between these classic adaptations.

The teaching ideas are organised into three parts:

  • Section 1 – provides activities to stimulate ideas about how Romeo and Juliet has been presented on stage and in film.
  • Section 2 -  offers activities directly related to the clips featuring a fascinating five-minute silent version of the film dating from 1905. Comparative study of these clips will develop students’ skills of close analysis and interpretation.
  • Special online resource guides students through a viewing of a complete version of the play providing opportunities to apply the knowledge gained from the close study.

DVD and CD-ROM £45 incl. P&P. Price includes full site license.

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