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The Lovely Bones

Trailer transcript

Other generic elements

Magic Realism is a genre in which magical or surreal elements appear in an otherwise realistic or even 'normal' setting.

  • What films and novels are you familiar with that fit the genre of magic realism? You might want to undertake some research to further your understanding of this genre.
  • To what extent would you describe the novel The Lovely Bones to be in the genre of magic realism?
  • From the trailer and stills you have seen, how and with what effect has magic realism been used in the film?

Tragedy, in the classic sense, assumes the central character has a fatal flaw that brings about their downfall. The narrative drive of The Lovely Bones is essentially hopeful and told from the perspective of innocence. This runs counter to the genre of tragedy yet the rape and murder of a child and its destructive impact on those around, clearly has tragic elements.

  • To what extent could this story be described as a tragedy and how might be such a reading impact on a cinematic adaptation?
  • Do you feel comfortable with this interpretation of the story? Why?

Other generic features exist within the novel such as melodrama and gothic.

  • Where do you see these elements within the narrative?
  • How do you expect to find these elements treated in the film?