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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as a book and film, provides many unique and valuable Literacy lessons. The themes of family, loyalty and life journeys are universal, and these activities aim to help children understand how the film’s director, Michael Apted, used the language of film to bring these to life on screen. These Lesson Plans cover aspects for Visual Literacy: Close Analysis by exploring dark and light; sound and music; special effects and camera angels; acting and dialogue.

Literacy Lesson Plans

Homework Activities

Each activity aims to provide teachers with ready-made worksheets for children to take home. They provide links to Literacy, ICT and PSHE. There are five homework activity sheets that can be used with different ability levels and year groups at the teacher’s discretion. Each activity uses a film still as stimulus. The learning outcome for each worksheet is included at the top of each sheet. The theme for these Homework activities is ‘Family’.

Homework Activities

Assembly Notes

These assembly notes are for use in a whole school assembly scenario, to accompany the clips available on the Film Education Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD. The theme for the assembly is ‘Families and Relationships’.

Assembly Notes

Teachers’ Notes

A guide to using this resource in the classroom, assemblies or at home.

Teachers’ Notes


We're home!

Lucy, have you seen this ship before?

It's very Narnian looking, isn't it?

What's going on here?

Edmund, the painting!

No, Eustace, no!

(Lucy) Edmund!

Behold our castaways, King and Queen of Narnia!

- Reepicheep! - Your Majesties!

- Where in the blazes am I?! - You're on the Dawn Treader.

- (laughter) - Was it something I said?

From CS Lewis's epic masterpiece.

(Lucy) Aslan.

You have come far.

Your adventure begins now.

(Lucy) Look!

Travellers of Narnia, I am your guide.

You are most beautiful.

If it is a distraction for you, I can change form.

(both) No!

There is the source of your trouble.

(Edmund) You mean a witch?

Something far more powerful than a witch.

It could steal the light from this world.

How do we stop it?

That sword you carry must be laid at Aslan's table.

Only then can their true power be released.

You are all about to be tested.

(ghostly female voice) Edmund, come with me!

I can make you my king. And much more.

(echoes) My king...

- No! - Edmund!

Onward to our destiny!

What do you think is in there?

(Drinian) Things you can barely imagine.

The fate of Narnia depends on you.

(all) For Narnia!