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Word cloud

An interactive ‘Word Cloud’ building tool to enhance literacy and higher order thinking skills.

Narnia is a place of adventure, discovery and wonder. In Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the Pevensie children find themselves back in there.


Watch the film’s trailer. Put yourself in Edmund or Lucy’s shoes and describe Narnia as they see it. Record your words in the word cloud box, using the Key Words to help you. Click ‘generate’ and create your own Narnian word cloud which will create a ‘picture’ of the words that they wrote.

The more times you use a particular word, the larger it will be in your word cloud.

Here are some key words that you can borrow!

Voyage; discover; adventure; family; Narnia; magical; epic; special; Aslan; Eustace

Once you have created your word cloud, you can save and print it, or email it to a friend.