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Welcome to Film Education's interactive resource on Frankenweenie.

This resource has three sections:

The Power of Science

This section uses the film’s message of 'the Power of Science' as the basis of a series of resources on forces and electricity - using Victor's life-giving circuits as inspiration.

Grey Matters

The film is shot entirely in black and white. This fully interactive activity challenges children to carefully recreate the characters from the film using black and white shading only.


A range of learning activity worksheets, and the Frankenweenie Big Writing project, which takes advantage of the irresistibly quirky way the story is told on screen to inspire children to write independently and expertly in the style of the film.

Teachers' Notes

Download PDF:

Film Synopsis

After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous.

Presented by Disney, Frankenweenie is directed by Tim Burton and is released in UK cinemas on October 17, 2012 (Cert: PG)


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Frankenweenie Trailer Transcript

[Projector sounds]

Mom: Sparky was a great dog. A great friend.

Grown Man: The best dog a kid could have.

Mom: When you lose someone you love they never really leave you.  He’ll always be in your heart.

Victor: I don’t want him in my heart.  I want him here with me.

Mr Rzykruski: The nervous system is just wires and cables. Even after death.  The muscles respond to electricity.

[Electricity sounds and frog ribbits]

[Machinery and electrical surges]

Victor: I’m sorry boy.

[Sparky whines]

Victor: Sparky! 

[Sparky barks]

Victor: I can’t believe it!

[Sparky barks.  Tearing sound and clatter.]

Victor: I can fix that.

Edgar: I know. 

Victor: Know what? 

Edgar: Your dog is alive. 

Victor: You can’t tell anyone.  Promise? 

Edgar: Promise. 

Nassor: Victor brought an animal back to life? 

Edgar: With lightning and boom and sssssss.

Toshiaki: Hmmmm.

Weird Girl: Something big is gonna happen.

Mr Burgemeister: Who’s responsible for this?

Victor: I just wanted my dog back.

[Dog sniffing.  Lightning bolt.]

Sparky: Hrrr?

Nassor: We can do better. 

[Cat meow]

[Electrical surge.]

Nassor: Bigger. 

[Lightning bolt and thunder]

Nassor: Rise, Colossus.

[Heavy footstep]

Nassor: From your tomb.

[Heavy footsteps.  Dragging sound.]

Colossus: [rattles]




Victor: Let’s go.

Victor: Hang on.

Elsa: Ahhhh!

Weird Girl: Mr. Whiskers is trying to tell us something. 

Victor: Did you get that out of the litter box?

Mr. Whiskers: Meow.

Victor's Mom: Oh my.

Toshiaki: I need your help. 

Bob: I asked him first. 

Toshiaki: My problem bigger. 

[Roar.  Heavy footstep]

Bob: Yeah, he’s right.