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Inspired by his science teacher, Victor uses his electricity know-how to bring his beloved pet dog, Sparky, back to life. When his schoolmates find out about his experimental success, a series of scientific catastrophes follows.

To find out more, and to learn about FORCES, CIRCUITS, KITCHEN SCIENCE and the CONDITIONS NEEDED FOR LIFE, click on the characters below.


Victor is an ordinary boy like any other – except for his talent and aptitude in all things-science. Inspired by his teacher, he uses the materials around him for the ultimate science experiment – bringing his ex-pet dog, Sparky, back to life...

Science Fact

In space, humans are a little bit taller as there is no gravitational pull.


Kitchen Science worksheet


Sparky is Victor's beloved dog - and the reason for his sudden interest in scientific experiments involving electricity!

Science Fact

The average life span for a dog is around ten to fourteen years. Unless your owner is called Victor Frankenstein.


Conditions Needed for Life worksheet


Victor's neighbour and friend, Elsa is not your typical girl-next-door. Gutsy and gothic, she and her pet poodle, Persephone are the only ones who don't want to befriend Victor just for his scientific skills.

Science Fact

The earth's core has its own magnetic core.


Balanced and unbalanced forces worksheet


Edgar is the first to find out about Victor's success in bringing Sparky back to life. He blackmails Victor into sharing his secret, then goes on to cause havoc by using the secret in all the wrong ways...

Science fact

Electricity travels at the speed of light: that's 186,000 miles per second.


Circuit storyboards worksheet


Victor's arch-enemy and classmate, Toshiaki uses science for all the wrong reasons, managing to create a giant monster out of his tiny turtle pet, Shelley.


Your heart beats around 100,000 times a day.


Life forms worksheet

Mr Rzykruski

Victor's mentor and science teacher, Mr Rzykruski is passionate about his subject. He instils in Victor a love for 'the power of science' whilst reminding him to make sure that he only uses science for the right reasons.


Electric energy is measured in volts.


The Power of Science worksheet