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Poetry and Performance

Look through the images of some of the animals in The Fox And The Child. Choose one of them and do some research into their habitats, appearance and behaviour.

Your task is to write a poem about one of these animals and perform it to your class. Collect nouns and adjectives that describe their appearance and powerful verbs and adverbs that describe their behaviour.

Can you think of any metaphors or similes that will help you paint a picture of your animal in reader's minds? Discuss the effect of repetition, alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhythm and rhyme. How can you use them?

When you have written your poem practise reading it out loud. Consider volume, pace, tone, expression and movement when you perform. You could work in groups and use percussion instruments to make music and sound effects to accompany your performances. What does performance add to your poetry for the reader and listener?

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