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Sights and Sounds

Play the clip from The Fox And The Child but only listen to it at first. Close your eyes or turn off the monitor so you can focus on the sound. How many different sounds did you hear? What were they and what made them? Can you think of onomatopoeia (e.g. crack or crunch) to describe each sound?

Task: Draw a picture of the scene you imagined.

Watch it a second time and consider the different senses the girl experiences; sight, sound, smell and touch. Are there any sounds you missed? What different animals did you see? Imagine you walked through those woods. What would you feel with your hands and under your feet?

Task: Make a list of notes for sight, sound, smell and touch.

What does the music add to the mood in the clip? How does it make you feel and how does it reflect the girl’s emotions? Task: Watch the clip again with the volume turned off. Could a different piece of music change the mood of the scene? Play some different music alongside the clip and discuss the effect.

What camera angles are used in this scene and how do they affect the way we see things. Do we always see things from the girl’s point of view?

Task: Develop a storyboard of this scene choosing key images and write a voiceover narration from the girl’s point of view.