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Watch this clip in which we see Prince Albert challenging his brother King Edward Vlll about his life choices.

Question One

How would you describe the relationship between these royal brothers from viewing the clip once? Jot down anything that you think is significant in illustrating their relationship at this point in their story.

Question Two

Transcribe or write down everything that is said in the clip. You will have to listen over and over again to record it accurately. You do not need to use full stops and commas but you do need to indicate the pauses.

Question Three

Referring to your transcription and watching the clip again, comment on the fluency and the interaction between the men. What do these features of their language tell us about their relationship? Look out for examples of:

  • Repetition
  • False starts
  • Pauses
  • Fillers
  • Questions
  • Interruptions
  • Getting the other person involved or stopping them from taking part