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Watch this clip in which Dr Lionel Logue meets Prince Albert for his first consultation to improve his stammer.

Question One

To what extent do you think people’s identity is created by the names they call themselves? Do you refer to yourself by different names in public and private situations? Do you know anyone who does this? To what extent are relationships defined by what we call people? Think about teachers, doctors, police, shopkeepers etc.

Question Two

Transcribe or write down everything that is said in the clip. You will have to listen over and over again to record it accurately. You do not need to use full stops and commas but you do need to indicate the pauses.

Question Three

Using your transcription, identify what the vocabulary spoken by each character in this clip suggests about the relationship between them? Who do you think holds more power and how do their words suggest the tension between them? Think specifically about any uses of:

  • Standard English
  • Slang
  • Jargon
  • Vague language