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Africa United

Dreams and nightmare

An African boy holds a suitcase under his arm as he runs away from village children who are chasing him.

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Four African children shout and jump at something happening out of the shot.

Africa United is essentially a story of children's dreams. Fabrice dreams to be a professional footballer; Beatrice dreams to be a doctor; Celeste dreams to be free of men's oppression. As they journey across the continent, their dreams drive them forward. Along the way, however, they encounter some nightmarish episodes that act as a reminder of the harsher realities of African life: a refugee camp; child prostitution; violent bandits; fears of HIV infection.

Image 1

This image shows Fabrice being chased by children in an unfamiliar village.

Image 2

This image comes from near the end of the film. The children have reached the South African border which is fenced with barbed wire.