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Africa United

Wealth and Poverty

Four African children walk across concrete ground, one is being carried on another’s back.  Other people are walking behind and next to them some of whom are carrying cases.

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An African child stands next to a stream holding open a suitcase filled with banknotes.

Africa United aims to represent Africa differently from how it is often seen by western viewers.

The film portrays both wealth and poverty in Africa. Fabrice's family live in a beautiful home. His brother is a doctor in America and his mother has similar ambitions for him. By contrast, Dudu and Beatrice are orphans who live in a shack with a corrugated iron roof.

The characters featured in the film are spiritually rich and poor too. The children's friendship is enriching whilst more sinister characters behave poorly and with cruelty.

Look at the images on the right then discuss the following questions:

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