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The Cave of The Yellow Dog

Friendships and Relationships

The Cave of the Yellow Dog follows the story of a six-year old girl, Nansal, and her relationship with Zochor, a small dog that she finds in a cave. Nansal forms an attachment with the dog and takes him home to her family. Unfortunately, Nansal's father refuses to let her keep the dog but Nansal defies her father and hides Zochor in the animal pen.


  • Look at the images of Nansal and Zochor together at the top of this page and in the image gallery. You can open the image gallery by clicking the button below. Why do you think Nansal wants to keep the dog? Make a list of your reasons.
    Image Gallery
  • The director has focused the film around Nansal's relationship with Zochor. Of all the relationships in the film why do you think this one is the most important?