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The Cave of The Yellow Dog

The Nomadic Lifestyle


Nansal and her family are nomads. Nomads are communities or families who live in remote areas, away from cities and towns. The families live in round tent-like buildings called yurts or ghers which they can pack away easily when they travel to a new location. Nomads often move their houses to a different location so they can find a suitable place to herd their animals, which provide the family with food, milk and wool.


  • When 6-year-old Nansal is not away at boarding school, her average day consists of the following activities:
    • Looking after her younger brother and sister
    • Collecting dung to fuel the family's fire
    • Taking the family’s herd out to graze
    • Helping her mum make cheese
    • Helping to pack away the family’s yurt or gher (house) when the family move location
  1. Write a list of the things that you do each day and compare your list to Nansal's to see how similar or different your lives are. Which day would you prefer?
  2. Write an account of your preferred day and include how you would feel doing each of the activities.

Imagine that a film crew followed you for a whole day. Create a storyboard to show the activities that they might capture on film.