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The Cave of The Yellow Dog

Film Synopsis and Press Notes

A Mongolian nomad family find themselves in disagreement when the oldest daughter, Nansal, finds a small dog and brings it home. Believing that it is responsible for attacking his sheep, her father refuses to allow her to keep it. When the family move on, Nansal is left with the dilemma of whether to defy her father or take Zochor (or 'Spot' in English) with them. Oscar- nominated director Byambasuren's follow up to the hugely successful The Story of the Weeping Camel is a mix of documentary and drama. Featuring a real life family and following much of their daily existence, this is combined with a narrative structure that acts as a framework for the film.

Directed by: Byambasuren Davaa
Certificate: U (Contains one scene of sheep skinning)
Running Time: 93 minutes
UK release date: 30th June 2006

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Additional teaching notes and background information on Mongolia can be found as part of Film Education's resource for The Story of the Weeping Camel, Byambasuren Davaa’s first film, released in 2003.