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Made in Dagenham

The audience


Made in Dagenham is based on true events, however the character of Rita is not based on one particular woman; rather she represents many of the women who were involved in the strike. Building the story around one character and her perspective of events helps to encourage audience sympathy, identification and engagement in the plot.

  1. Audience sympathy can be encouraged through the following elements:
    • Framing
    • Screen time
    • Dialogue
    • Costume
    • Point of view
    • Editing
    • Performance
  2. Discuss how the clip uses each of these to encourage us to sympathise with Rita and her cause.
  3. Do you think all audiences would identify with Rita? Or, only certain audiences? Explain your answer.
  4. Do you sympathise with any other characters in the clip? Why do you think this is? Why is this important?
  5. Through framing and editing, how are the characters positioned to suggest an opposition between the workers and the boss?