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Made in Dagenham

The trailer


Watch the trailer as a class then work in small groups to explore the following areas, using the prompt questions below to guide your note taking.

When you have completed your notes, feedback your findings to the rest of the class and record your shared findings:

Made in Dagenham:
Predictions worksheet


  • At the start of the trailer, we are told the film is 'based on true events' In what different ways is the period setting of the film established?
  • Are you able to identify this period based on what you've seen? Explain your answer.
  • From watching the trailer, what can you say about how this period will be portrayed in the film?


  • Dagenham is an area of East London. In what ways is this location presented in the trailer? Give three shots as examples.
  • How are contrasts established between Dagenham and central London? See if you can spot these shots. What do you think is the intended effect of these juxtapositions?


  • Several characters are introduced in the trailer. Consider what you think will be the key roles in the film: can you identify any stereotypes?
  • What could you say about the differences between characters in terms of gender, age, occupation and class?
  • How would you describe the principal character? Explore the effects of her costume, make-up, dialogue and physical presence in helping the audience identify with her in the trailer.


  • A trailer's narrative structure may not necessarily match that of the film. What could you say about the choice of footage to open the trailer? Are you able to predict where in the film this footage might appear?
  • From this trailer, what would you expect to see of the relationships between various characters?
  • Where do you anticipate conflicts to arise? Try to identify at least one main plotline and a sub-plot.


  • From watching the trailer, what genre conventions can you identify? What audience do you think this trailer is designed to appeal to? Explain your answer using details from the trailer.
  • What aspects of the trailer suggest the film is a comedy? Is there anything in the trailer to suggest serious themes? Does it seem distinctly British? If so, how?
  • Comment on how the trailer's tagline, use of colour, blocked titles, fonts, costumes and music contribute to creating the genre.