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Made in Dagenham

The poster

Poster for Made in Dagenham, with female workers and one man

The poster is an important promotional tool for selling a film. The poster needs to engage potential audiences by telling us what to expect as well as providing information on stars, genre, plot and production. Posters will often organise this information based upon which of these will attract the largest audience.

Look at the poster for Made in Dagenham

  • What does the choice of image suggest about the film's narrative?
  • What seems to be the biggest selling point for this film? How can you tell based on what you see here?

Look at the various selling points listed below. How important is each of these in the poster for Made in Dagenham? Put them in order from high to low importance:

  • Britishness
  • Star quality
  • Cast List
  • Title
  • Historical setting
  • Tagline
  • Equal Rights for women
  • Director's previous film credit
  • Genre
  • Star Image
  • Sex
  • Production credits
  • Star quality

Does the poster 'sell' the aspects of the film you would expect it to?
Are there any surprises in terms of which aspects are emphasised and which have less importance?
What kind of audience(s) do you think the film is aimed at? Consider gender, age and occupation.