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The Princes' Quest

Still image from The Princes Quest, showing Azur and Asmar riding through the desert on a giant multicoloured bird, and a scarlet lion. Still image from The Princes Quest, showing a medium close-up of the scarlet lion grabbing a red hat with it's paws. Still image from The Princes Quest, showing a close-up of a pair of hands, offering a table full of sweets, cakes and other food. Still image from The Princes Quest, showing Prince Asmar stood upright, arms folded, in the doorway of an elaborately tiled room, decorated in the Islamic style. The room is lit by a single lamp, on the floor. Still image from The Princes Quest, wide shot of a small child, dressed as a king or queen, sat on a highly decorated throne, in a black and white tiled room.

Art & Design

Activities for pupils

Click on the PDF link below to download and print original artwork of characters from the film that can be used for colouring and decorating.

Colouring Worksheet

Further Activities for Pupils

Michel Ocelot has created fantastic, magical creatures for The Princes’ Quest. He invented the Scarlet Lion with blue claws and he based the giant bird on the Saimourh (or roc bird), a mythical creature from Persian tales.

Can you invent a new creature for the world of The Princes’ Quest?

Think of your favourite animal and use your imagination to change them like Michel Ocelot has changed the lion and a bird. Click on the blue links above to see what they look like. Use bright, vibrant colours like he does too.

Extension Activity

The buildings and backgrounds in The Princes’ Quest are full of intricate detail.

Click on the blue links above to look at the tessellated patterns in the images.

Michel Ocelot has based these beautiful designs on Islamic art and architecture. Use plain or dotted paper to create your own tessellations. Be as bold with your use of colour as the animators of The Princes’ Quest.