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The Princes' Quest

Still image from The Princes Quest, showing Princes Azur and Asmar facing each other. Green and blue sycamore leaves are all around them.

Trailer Activity

A film trailer is a persuasive text.

Watch the trailer for The Princes’ Quest.

Share your initial thoughts about the film. Who is interested in seeing it? Does it remind you of any other films you have seen? Which parts of the trailer do you find most interesting?

A trailer can provide cinema audiences with key information about the film and tell the overall story in a short space of time. This makes it clear what type of people will enjoy the film. For example:

  • genre (the type of story, e.g. romance, science fiction, fantasy)
  • key themes of the story (e.g. heroism, loyalty, family)
  • key characters and their personalities

Activity for pupils

Get into groups and watch the trailer a second time, be ready to discuss these different aspects of the trailer.

Watch the trailer one more time. Each group should focus on one of the following areas, ready to share your ideas about how the trailer is trying to persuade people, getting them excited about seeing the film:

  • use of music
  • voiceover
  • any written text
  • choice of shots

Further Activities for Pupils

What might happen in a sequel to The Princes’ Quest? Discuss what could happen to Azur and Asmar and storyboard a trailer for the next film.