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Audrey Owen - Teacher, Bettridge School, Cheltenham
"All our pupils have severe learning difficulties so this provided good social skills experience as well as adding another medium for experiencing a story."

Mr. Freear - Headteacher, Beaconsfield Primary School, Birmingham
"The event stimulated focus for Literacy lessons. We were pleased with the films offered and used resources to support classroom activities. We also took two Hearing Impaired students whose requirements were met and who could enjoy the film as much as everyone else.

Terence Hall - Media Teacher, City of Bristol College, Bristol
"The film was brilliant, and the workshop afterwards clearly illustrated the relevant concepts involved. The inclusion of masterclasses directly after the film adds a formal educational structure to the event and I very much feel that this is an essential part of the process.

Mary Croston - Lecturer, Cambridge Regional College, Cambridge
"Film Education screenings provide enormous educational benefits. They are hugely enriching for the kids and very relevant to the syllabus, for example the issues of equality and stereotyping that the films raise.

Vivian Fox - Head of Media, Guilsborough School, Coventry
"The BBFC talk was aimed at the perfect level for all of them and it served as a great introduction to the area of censorship in the Film Industry. It was great for the kids to see something other than the normal blockbusters and for them to hear from people directly involved in the Film Industry.

Miss Heather Fannin - KS1 Co-ordinator, Fivemiletown Primary School, Enniskillen
"My class thoroughly enjoyed the film – this was the first time they had been to the cinema as a class. A very educational and social experience

Mr Robert Wright - Haringey Sixth Form Centre, London
"It’s great to have the opportunity to see films that have yet to be released or are very current. My students are regular visitors to the cinema but probably had their first experience of a foreign language film having a speaker afterwards gives the whole event an academic focus.

Ms Ann Linnane - John Kelly Boys' Technology College, London
"It was just good for them to be in an environment and it was particularly good that the film makers were on hand and I really enjoyed that and I thought the children asked some very good questions and the filmmakers were very in-depth with their response and very nice about it so that was good.

Michael Newton - Teacher, St. Michael's C of E Primary School, Preston
"All the children in school went to a screening and had a great time. They came back to school full of excitement and everyone did some sort of work related to their movie. We had made this visit part of our theme book week by including film and drama activities. Some classes based their whole weeks work around the theme or topic of the movie they were going to see.

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