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Creating Awareness

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Your task is to develop a range of promotional materials that will raise awareness of the film the End of the Line and the issues it addresses.

Your Brief

To create designs for three different promotional products linked to the film. Once your designs are completed, you will need to choose one design to make into a finished product. These are the products you will be working on:

  • Poster
  • T-Shirt
  • Set of coasters

The ideas you produce must look like they belong to a campaign. This means they will need to have certain design elements in common: for example, a colour scheme, font, icon or tag line that you use across all the products. Your target audience are those in your school/college (staff and students). You should aim to be as imaginative as possible, using your own ideas and materials. If you wish to use illustrations or photographs, for example, you will need to create these yourself (make sure you don’t use other people’s copyright-protected work).

Top Tips

An important part of your job is to produce something that people will want to use, wear or display. Think carefully about how you could make your product design appeal to your audience.

Think about the different techniques that you could use: screen printing, lino printing, original photography, graphic design, collage and so on.

What text could you use? You may want to look over your notes or look again at the key scenes to see if you can find any quotations from the film that you could use to illustrate a point and raise people’s awareness of the film.

Download these tasks as a PDF document