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Senegalese fishermen out on the ocean

The following terms are extremely important in understanding and expressing ideas around the issues raised in The End of the Line.

Find definitions for the following words and phrases:

  • Finite
  • Probable and preferable futures
  • Sustainable
  • Sustainably managed resources
  • Quotas

Now that you have defined the terms using them in an appropriate context is important.

In pairs or small groups write a paragraph(s) that answers the following question, making use of the terms from above that you have just defined.

You might want to start by planning out your work and deciding on the order of the terms and how you’ll use them to respond to the question(s) below.

Question 1

Explain what impact human activity, and overfishing in particular, has had on the ocean environment. In your answer, give examples of effects that are:

  • Local
  • National
  • Global

And explain how these different examples are interlinked.

To illustrate your answer, develop a flow chart (for example think about where you are locally) with examples alongside your written response. You may wish to source images to illustrate your response.

Download these tasks as a PDF document