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[cert 15, 110 mins]

The film begins in 1956. Sylvia is in England on a
Fulbright Scholarship when she meets Ted. The
attraction is immediate and mutual. Within four
months, they are married. When her studies are
completed, Sylvia is offered a teaching post back in
America. She accepts and the couple relocate. The
newly published Ted attracts the attention of the
literary world, along with the attentions of admiring
women. Returning to England in late 1959, Sylvia
and Ted attempt to renew their commitment, first
with the birth of one child, then another. But as the
marriage frays anew and Ted's literary stature
overshadows her own, Sylvia's creative impulses
surge. She funnels her fury and passion into her
work and her writing begins to flow forth in
unstoppable bursts. Her destiny and Ted's,
inextricably intertwined with hers is at hand.


Director: Christine Jeffs

Starring: Gweneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig

Level: AS, A2

Subjects: English

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