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About our screenings

Screening events

Film Education shows a wide range of current and forthcoming film titles in cinemas to students all year round, not just in National Schools Film Week, which are suitable for all ages and all areas of the Curriculum.

Current Screenings:

There are no upcoming screenings.

National Schools Film Week

National Schools Film Week is the biggest event of its kind in the World with 539,369 school children and 3,124 events in 550 locations throughout the UK!

We programme a range of classic, current and forthcoming films from around the World to address topical issues and, more broadly, the world young people currently inhabit – shown from a variety of different perspectives...

Film Week 2012 ran between 18 - 26 October in England, Wales and N.Ireland and 1 - 9 November in Scotland.

	A man cuts a ribbon on stage, some teenagers stand behind him.

"It is important that children see different films like this so that they can make comments about the films, so they get to criticise and also so that we can talk about the films afterwards and analyse films and not just view films from a passive perspective but talk about them. "

Ms Cath Boyle, Dunraven School in Stretham