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Edukators, The (fetten Jahre sind vorbie, Die)

[cert 15, 129 mins]

Jan and Peter are a pair of political pranksters in their mid-twenties. They break into the homes of rich Berliners, rearrange their possessions and leave the message: 'Your days of plenty are numbered', signed 'the Pranksters.' They are principled burglars who steal nothing except their victims' confidence in their own security and in the capitalist system. But, things change when they meet Jule, a girl with a personal grievance against the unacceptable face of capitalism. She wants to retrain as a teacher, but is stuck with a large debt for crashing her uninsured, car into a rich businessman's limousine.

Still of three youths standing against a graffitied wall

Director: Hans Weingartner

Starring: Daniel Brühl, Julia Jentsch, Stipe Erceg

Level: AS, A2

Subjects: Film Studies, German, Media Studies

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