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Quiet American, The

[cert 15, 100 mins]

Saigon, 1952, a beautiful, exotic and mysterious city caught in the grip of the Vietnamese war of liberation from the French colonial powers. New arrival Alden Pyle, as idealistic American aid worker, befriends London Times correspondent Thomas Fowler. When Fowler introduces Pyle to his beautiful young Vietnamese mistress Phuong, the three become swept up in a tempestuous love triangle that leads to a series of startling revelations and finally- murder. Nothing, and no one, is as it seems, in this adaptation of Graham Greene's classic and prophetic story of love, betrayal, murder and the origin of the American war in Southeast Asia.


Director: Phillip Noyce

Starring: Michael Caine, Brendan Fraser, Do Thi Hai Yen

Level: AS, A2, GCSE

Subjects: English, Media Studies

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