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Remains of the Day, The

[cert U, 138 mins]

It is 1956 and an American millionaire, Mr Farraday, has taken over the ownership of Darlington Hall. As a visitor to the Hall in the 1930s, he took part in delicate political negotiations in the run-up to the Second World War. Lord Darlington was a key player in these talks but took the stance of appeasement with the Germans and was seen as a pro-German traitor. All these events are seen through the eyes of Lord Darlington's butler, Mr Stevens, who stays on when Mr Farraday takes over the house.

Director: James Ivory

Starring: Christopher Reeve, Anthony Hopkins, James Fox, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Tim Piggott-Smith

Level: AS, A2, GCSE, Scottish Highers

Subjects: English, Film Studies

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