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Route Irish

[cert 15, 109 mins]

Fergus (Mark Womack) returns to his native Liverpool for the funeral of his childhood
friend Frankie (John Bishop), a fellow private security contractor who has been killed on
‘Route Irish’, the deadly and now infamous stretch of road between Baghdad airport and
the Green Zone. Refusing to accept the official account of his best friend’s death, Fergus
launches his own investigation, fuelled by the discovery of a cell phone on which Frankie
had recorded the shooting of an innocent Iraqi family just days before his own death.
As his investigation ramps up – via frequent skype conversations with former security
colleagues in Iraq and his interrogation of security firm officials in the UK – Fergus soon
draws the heat of those he is investigating and a once dirty foreign war is transferred to
the streets of Liverpool and pursued on home turf.

Two soldiers in uniform walk towards camera.

Director: Ken Loach

Starring: Mark Womack, Andrea Lowe

Level: AS, A2, GCSE

Subjects: Citizenship, Film Studies, Media Studies, Politics

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